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Audi A6 Allroad interior, tech and comfort

2012 - 2018 (change model)
Comfort rating: 4 out of 54.0

Written by Chris Ebbs Published: 6 June 2019 Updated: 6 June 2019

It’s all rather swish and as you’d expect from the German manufacturer. Look around the cabin and the fixtures and fittings are all finished in good-quality materials that certainly look the part. There’s plenty of leather dotted around the inside for a luxurious feel while the parts that are finished in plastic are all soft to the touch and feel robust at the same time.

There are a number of different colour options available for the interior finish. Be wary, however, how these may affect the car if you look to sell it on as the more garish combinations may put people off a little or even reduce the value of the car.

With all the fancy tech fitted to the car there are myriad buttons strewn across the dashboard and the centre console. It should only take a short time with the car to get used to all these but it does feel a little cluttered, and somewhat daunting, when you first experience the car. Some of the controls do tend to get in the way a little and you can quickly find yourself having to concentrate on trying to find the right button for whatever task you are trying to carry out.

That doesn’t make the features any less impressive, however. There are only a small number of manufacturers that come close in terms of quality and the upmarket feel found in the Audi A6 allroad.

Based on the Audi A6 Avant model the Audi A6 allroad’s comfort levels are very high. The seats offer very good support, whether you are in the front or the rear, and the driver’s seat has plenty of movement in it to get comfortable. With height and reach adjustment in the steering wheel too, anyone should be able to get the seat into the perfect position.

The seat’s side bolstering is also good, which helps keeps you in place on even the tightest of bends. The sheer length of the car means that those in the back have plenty of legroom, even behind taller drivers or front passengers that want to stretch out a little. The rather large and somewhat elaborate transmission tunnel does make things a little tight for the middle-rear passenger.

Noise levels are kept to a minimum, with wind and road noise in particular being almost non-existent. This brings a level of calm to any journey. The BiTDI model does come with an enhanced engine noise that gives the allroad a pleasing note when you put your right foot down a little more.

In Auto mode the ride is compliant and will deal with the majority of surfaces and bumpy roads. Sport mode does highlight any flaws in the road surface further and the car crashes in to the bigger bumps or potholes. This isn’t helped by adding the larger 20-inch wheels. Our advice would be to stick to the standard 18-inch for comfort and any off-road purposes you may have.