Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8

The Parkers VerdictShould you buy an Audi A6 Saloon?

Yes, and the Audi A6 continues to be a very popular executive car for a good reason. It’s a very accomplished all-rounder which over the years has established itself as a roomy, refined and up-to-the-minute executive car that rewards drivers who love covering huge mileages. The current car impresses us greatly with its drive, build quality and sheer amount of technology available.

Part of the A6’s appeal is its desirable yet relatively attainable badge. Opt for the entry-level 40 TDI (a high-power 2.0-litre diesel in old money) and fuel and servicing bills will be low for both private buyers and company car drivers. Strong residuals mean finance packages are good value, too.

The diesels remain the choice for most buyers in this market sector – the A6 is a large car, and fuel economy from the petrol models is pretty poor, especially if you like to drive quickly. But they do offer the greatest performance, with 55 TFSI models posting strong figures from their 3.0-litre V6 engines. If you want even more pulling power, you could opt for the performance-focused S6, with a clever mild-hybrid diesel engine.

Where the Audi scores its biggest marks is the interior, which is streets ahead of the Jaguar XF, Lexus ES or even the BMW 5 Series. Whether you prefer the widescreen displays and traditional materials of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or the A6’s ‘all-screen’ approach to dash design is very much a matter of personal taste, but the sheer level of technology on offer somewhat necessitates plenty of adaptive surfaces to interact with.

As with many Audi models, it’s all too easy to delve deeply into the options list – where a few desirable items of kit can see the list price (or monthly payment) skyrocket. Our advice is to play it carefully and avoid gimmicky tech in favour of items that will either prove useful or have less of an impact on the monthly figure.

We’d also be tempted to opt for the cheaper Sport model over the S Line trim, which looks a little less garish than the more expensive model – though the majority of buyers seem to choose the latter. Where the previous A6 felt dated, the latest model is on the very top of its game and is a real competitor for Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Would we take an A6 over a 5 Series or E-Class? Depends on your priorities, but it's probably the best all-rounder of the 'big three'.

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