Audi A6: Spacious back seats

A6 offers limo-like legroom

I've had a few occasions recently where people have mistaken the A6 for an A4. I can see why - from the front and back the two look very similar, especially the lights and grille. They also share many of the same engines. But where the A6 has a big advantage is in rear passenger room.

Obviously the A6 is longer (it's almost five metres in fact) and it also has a longer wheelbase - about 200mm extra over the A4. That may not sound much but it means that those in the back get plenty of legroom.

This was highlighted recently with a trip to the seaside in Norfolk. Four of us travelled (two of whom are over six-foot tall) for a decidely wet and windy visit to the beach!

Stretching out

Even with me driving (and the seat fairly far back) there's still excellent legroom in the back. Both passengers commented on how much general room there was too, plus how good the half-leather seats are.

But you would struggle with three adults in the back. The problem is the large transmission tunnel (which is also quite wide) that takes up foot space in the middle. It's fine for short journeys, but too cramped for long distances. That's a shame as there's plenty of shoulder room - the A6 is more than two metres wide.

Current mileage: 28158

Average mpg: 35.0