Audi A6: Long distance cruising

1000 miles in seven days

I always look forward to Christmas and some time off - apart from one thing - knowing i'll spend a lot of it driving. Luckily (or unluckily depending on which way you look at it) most of the travelling is motorway and this year was no exception.

Thanks to trips down to London and then to South Wales to see family, plus occasional trips to Leicester for shopping, the A6 managed to cover more than 1,000 miles in little over a week. As well as getting it filthy, this gave me an opportunity to test out the cars long distance comfort - what should be an A6 strong point.

On the motorway

However, what quickly became apparent is that while the S line trim (with lowered sports suspension) means the A6 is good in corners - it ruins the cars cruising comfort.

The Audi rarely seems to settle down on anything other than a smooth surface and fidgets a lot over bumps - the suspension is simply too firm to be comfortable for passengers. And on the M42 - a road seemingly made up of concrete blocks rather than continuous tarmac, it was awful.

The message is simple - if you want comfort then go for an SE model. It may not look as good, but it's cheaper to buy and there are far more around on the used market.

Current mileage: 26887

Average mpg: 33.6