Audi A6: Surprise and delight

  • Audi A6 reveals some of its hidden talents as time with the car grows
  • Tech elements such as flip-up screen and controls proving particularly pleasing
  • Quality interior providing long distance comfort time and again

Spending a lot of time with a car can show up some talents that a short-term test doesn’t reveal or might have overlooked.

The A6 makes day-to-day motoring as easy as snoozing on a balmy summer’s day, and it's all too easy to overlook just how much goes in to pulling off a trick like that.

Audi A6

Interior quality

From the comfortable, supportive leather sports seats that have 10 adjustments through to the crafted, solid dashboard, you feel reassured you are in a quality piece of kit. Premium interiors are something of trademark that Audi has been pulling off for a few years and it really shines through in the A6.

The swooping lines of the dashboard, the triangular metal inserts in the doors and the soft, thick leather that clads gear stick, steering wheel and arm rest all impress. Yes this is a £40k car but the interior silently reassures that this is money well spent.

Audi A6

Driving comfort

If there is one thing the A6 S Line is superb at it is long-distance driving. Not only are the seats very supportive, but with ten adjustments and a steering wheel that moves for reach and rake, I quickly found a comfortable driving position.

My only quibble is that most of the adjustment is manual - bar the lumber. If someone else drives the car then putting the driver’s seat back into position is a bit of a faff. On the move adjusting the lumbar support helps ward off any aches or pains even well into a three-hour drive.Thanks to electric motors providing targetted support for my lower back is just a push button affair.

Audi A6

Flip-up screen and controls

One of the A6’s party tricks is to flip its main colour screen out of the central dash board when I hit the ignition. All of the main functions can be accessed through the screen and Audi seems to have hit upon one of the more intuitive car system controllers – a central dial surround by four corner buttons plus a back button. Outside of that are buttons labelled with the car’s main functions such as sat-nav and radio.

So I can quickly access whichever part of the car’s system I need and can complete any task quickly. Given there’s DAB radio and a hard drive rammed with music I find scrolling through the selection of albums or artists or playlists very easy.

Audi A6 boot

Remote release boot

Plenty of newer cars have remote key fob that has a button that when pressed for a couple of seconds releases the boot lock catch. Then you just push the boot lid up and put your belongings inside.

The A6 takes it one step further. Pressing the middle button for two seconds releases the catch and the boot lid raises up. There is no electrical tricky here – just what seems a spring loaded action that gently sweeps the boot lid up leaving the boot clear to drop my bags into.

A neat, simple performance that means I don’t have to wrestle bags to flip the boot lid clear – just place my kit in the huge opening and close the boot shut.

None of the above points may seem earth-shattering on their own, but combined it makes for one of the most important aspects of ownership: sheer satisfaction.

Mileage: 3,021 miles

MPG: 37.5 mpg (indicated)