Audi A6: Trim levels and kit

  • Good level of standard kit on S Line makes ownership rewarding
  • Even the entry-level SE includes leather and electronic parking brake
  • Just as well as the extensive options list can soon whack-up the cost

One of the standing jokes about premium German cars is how little standard kit they come with and how many option you need to tick just to drive the car (‘Steering wheel? That will be an optional extra, sir’ and other such rib ticklers.)

So what’s the reality? Parkers’ long term A6 comes in the mid-spec S Line (one above SE) but below the sinisterly-name Black Edition.

The entry-level SE features leather interior, electronic parking brake, auto windscreen wipers and lights, front rear parking sensors, DAB radio, dual air con, sat nav including voice commands plus CD player. Wasn’t that long ago that leather seats were an optional extra.

Audi A6 S Line

The S Line (the most popular choice in the trim line-up) aims to provide a more sporty look and drive as well as a touch more kit. So in comes bigger 17-inch alloys, lowered suspension by 20mm (and there’s an option to lower it further by another 10mm), front sports seats with electric adjustment for lumbar support (everything else is manual – boo!), sports steering wheel (you getting the sports theme yet?) with paddle shifters behind it (just like a sports car), body kit to emphasis its sporty nature, front spoiler with diffuser insert (just like, yes, a sports car) and headlight washers to name but a few.

One of the concerns of lowering the suspension is while you get better handling it is at the expense of a more jarring ride. But with the standard 18-inch wheels there is a noticeable improvement in handling (the A6 holds a tighter line, is quick to shift direction and there is a better connection to the steering wheel so turning the wheel means a quick response in changing direction) without a major sacrifice in ride quality.

Audi A6 S Line

The larger rubber sidewalls supplement the suspension and help soak up the many potholes, cracks and divots that infest the UK’s roads. For me it is a good compromise for while there are better handling cars out there, I spend most of my time either trundling along in commuter traffic or arrowing along dual carriages and motorways. A twisting section of empty black top is a rare sight in the UK these days.  

Given it is winter the most used kit at the moment is the heated seats, windscreen, rear windscreen and mirrors. Given the rear windscreen has no wiper (by default of it being a saloon) the only way to clear it is via the heater.

Audi A6

Luckily the heater elements are very effective not only clearing condensation and frost, but even help to shift water. The heated side mirrors also clear within a couple of minutes so rearward vision has not proved an issue yet.

Audi A6 rear windscreen

Another neat trick the wing mirrors serves is with the left-hand, passenger mirror selected for adjustment, put the car into reverse and the glass dips to provide a good view of the kerb when parallel parking.

If you are bay parking just switch the mirror adjustment dial to centre (selects heater function) and the mirror won’t dip. Audi isn’t the only manufacturer to add this simple trick (BMW has been fitting it to their models for years) but it’s very helpful.

This is only scratching the surface of the tech fest ladled into the A6. What’s more, this S Line is only fitted with two options: heated seats and technology pack. Everything else is standard, which means the old jokes don’t seem so funny anymore.

Mileage: 1,374 miles

MPG: 36.6 mpg (indicated)