Audi A6: Long distance driving impresses

  • Effortless power contributes to smooth motorway driving
  • Interior proves to be one comfortable place after nine-hour drive
  • A6 turns in its best ever fuel consumption figures

It quickly became apparent from my long term test that one of the A6’s key strengths is in covering long distances with ease and comfort.

That strength was to be more robustly tested with a long drive from Peterborough up to the east coast of Scotland, something which Google Maps said should take about seven hours. So a bit longer taking in the odd break, then.

Audi A6

However, Google maps doesn’t take account of bank holiday traffic or impromptu road works, which on my trip were both very much present. While traffic never completely ground to a halt, the constant speeding up and slowing down helped reveal some of the A6’s strengths.

Smooth responsive engine

Audi A6 engine

Firstly is the throttle response – it’s quick and the 3.0-litre diesel’s pulling power is strong and smooth. It means moving out to overtake slower moving vehicles can be executed quickly and easily.

Blind spot indiactors

Audi A6 wing mirrors

Then there’s the blind spot indicators, which are particularly useful in rolling traffic jams; I always knew when there was a car just alongside so I didn’t run the risk of a collision. It also prompted me to carry out a careful check in the mirrors and look over my shoulder before changing lanes.

Long distance comfort

Audi A6 interior

Many cars start to make discomfort felt after a couple of hours. I don’t know if it’s because my derriere lacks padding but it’s the normal mark I work to when driving long distances and plan pit stops accordingly.

The A6 has been one car that has proved to be an exception to that rule. I find it easy to secure a comfortable driving position as both the steering wheel and seat have a lot of manual adjustments (though full electric adjustment would add to the premium experience).

The lower back and lumbar adjustment (this is electrically-adjusted) also help provide good support and is easy to change on the move, while the seat base and back offer firm support.  

Ideal long-distance driver

Audi A6

So even a nine-hour marathon did not prove the bum-numbing experience I feared it might. Yes, I did intersperse the trip with stops for refreshments and a chance to stretch the legs but I never felt I absolutely had to.

Finally the slower moving traffic did have one upside: the A6 turned in its best ever fuel consumption figure with the indicated fuel consumption figure tripping ever higher to a final read out of 45.6mpg.

Given the official figure is 47mpg and this wasn’t a drive entirely spent being easy on the throttle that is an impressive result. With careful driving and a devoted approach to caressing the throttle it seems possible you could beat the official claimed average.

That would make my return trip to Scotland nearly possible on just one tank – provided traffic jams and road works didn’t interfere, which, I grant you, is unlikely. 

Mileage: 5,091 miles

MPG: 45.6 mpg (indicated)