Audi A6: The golf test

  • Saloon bodystyle proves it is more than capable of lugging kit
  • Trip to golf course reveals just how capacious the boot is
  • Boot accommodates four golf bags, two trolleys and four pairs of golf shoes

A saloon bodystyle is not the first one that comes to mind when thinking about practicality.

Estates, hatchbacks and people carriers or even 4x4s seem the obvious choice when the most important criteria is how much stuff can be stashed in the back.

However the A6, thanks to its long wheelbase, packs a bit of a monster-sized boot. In fact, at 530 litres with the seats up it is only 35 litres shy of the estate version’s capacity and is 40 litres more than its larger sibling, the A8.

One of the, er, big reasons for such a capacious boots is the length of it – there’s a long reach to touch the back of the rear seats.

That has meant that the A6 had no problem carting enough luggage for three for an extended weekend stay in Scotland including large suitcase, two smaller suitcases, assorted shopping and grocery bags, two laptop bags and a box of wine bottles. 

A sterner test of the car’s practicality arrived in the shape of a bicycle. While l didn’t doubt that the bike would fit length ways with the rear seats dropped, I wasn’t sure the boot would be deep enough to accommodate the handlebars with the bike flat on its side.

But after a bit of faff, removing the front wheel and putting the bike in rear wheel first, the bike slotted home. Bit tight in terms of negotiating the handlebars into the boot especially past the speakers, but it fits in alright.

However, the biggest test (and a very relevant one given the type of customer the A6 appeals to) presented itself in the shape of a trip to a golf club (the oldest one in the UK as it happens).

The distance wasn’t the issue – just a 40-minute drive – no, the challenge was four people, four golf bags, four sets of golf shoes and two trolleys (well some of us prefer more robust exercise and carry our clubs).

As you can see from the photos it all went in and with little trouble. Yes, the single seat was dropped to allow the golf heads to poke through into the cabin but they only just stuck out.

Taking the longer drivers out of the bags and laying them at an angle across the bags would allow the full use of all the rear seats. On this occasion with a short drive both rear passengers fitted in and were comfortable enough for the drive to the club.

In fact the drive to the club went far better than my drives off the tees and I strongly suspect that the farmer that owns the field adjacent to the course will swear blind he’s growing mushrooms. Sorry about that.

Mileage: 3,841 miles

MPG: 38.2 mpg (indicated)