Audi A6: Style and practicality

  • Does the classic saloon bodystyle offer the best design?
  • Just how practical can a saloon be compared to other body styles?
  • Boot accommodates everything from shopping to travel luggage

Not many moons ago any self-respecting executive would give their combination lock leather briefcase to clasp the keys to a premium saloon.

Audi A6 interior

Audi A6 saloon packs a quality, modern interior

Seeing as tide and fashion wait for no man (regardless of how well they are suited and booted) saloons no longer seem to be the object of desire they once were.

Mercedes was the first to start a new trend for executive fashionastias with its contradiction-in-terms ‘four-door coupe’, the CLS. At first people laughed, then they start buying them – lots of them.

That was back in 2005, and since then Merc's rivals have rushed out their own versions including the 5 Series GT from BMW, plus the A7 Sportback from Audi.

Throw in growing interest for ‘lifestyle estates’ as well as the evergreen appeal for 4x4s and you’d be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much desire for the poor old classic saloon.

However, Parkers long term A6 has been reminding us why the saloon has a huge amount to recommend itself:

Audi A6

Plenty of space in the back for adult passengers

  • Great leg, shoulder and head room for rear passengers
  • Very big boot (only 30 litres less than the Avant [estate] version)
  • Better performance but same running costs as Avant and A7*
  • S Line version means lowered suspension and more striking looks
  • Nearly £10k cheaper than the four-door A7 coupe*
  • Saloon boot is more secure and prevents luggage missiles in case of an accident

One of my reactions to running a saloon was the concern it would not prove practical enough, but so far there hasn’t been a single task the boot has not been able to accommodate.

Audi A6 saloon boot

Audi A6 boot is capacious

From lots of sports bags, weekend luggage holdalls, school bags, garden rubbish, supermarket shopping or DIY clobber, nothing has been a problem to stash in the boot.

The boot itself is reasonably deep and extends a considerable way back to the rear seats so sliding in four family suitcases is an easy task. The rear seats also fold forward with a 60/40 rear spilt and there is a remote release in the boot, so no need to wrestle the seats forward via the door.

A neat boot trick is the remote release, operated either via the key fob or from the driver’s door. A simple touch (comes as standard) that avoids potentially grubby fingers from pressing the boot button above the registration plate that can get covered in road grime.

Audi A6 saloon boot 2013

Audi A6 saloon boot has practical features

Another useful feature is the small netted area on the right of the boot – it’s not big but I can fit a bottle of wine in there and it prevents it from rolling around the boot.

The key test of the boot will be whether it can swallow those large, awkward shaped items that tend to come out of Ikea or a garden centre. I’ll be finding out.

Mileage: 849 miles

MPG: 36.4 mpg (indicated)