Jake Groves

Jake Groves

Deputy News Editor, CAR magazine

Jake’s been pointing out cars on the road since before he could walk, and even got behind the wheel of a Ferrari 355 years before he passed his test. He studied journalism at university, creating his own motoring magazine during his student days and cut his teeth in the automotive industry writing for Carbuyer and Auto Express. It’s safe to say cars are his biggest passion.

Now, after a being a Staff Writer at CAR between 2017 and 2020, Jake is responsible for the Insider and Tech sections. He spends his time turning around breaking news stories in a flash, interviewing industry executives, road testing the latest metal in the UK and abroad and even crafting bigger features and comparison tests for CAR. On top of that, he regularly contributes to Parkers, developing detailed news stories and informative reviews for those looking to find out every detail they can before making a purchase.

‘Every detail matters when it comes to buying a new car. So, whether I get a little nugget of information from talking to an engineer or executive on the board of a car company, or simply spend time driving and living with all kinds of cars, I strive to cut through the fluff and give you all of the details that matter.’

Career highlights include dune bashing a Nissan Navara in Morocco, tackling the Valley of Fire in a Jeep Wrangler, driving a 007 gadget-equipped Aston Martin DB5 and spending a muddy weekend with a Ford F-150 Raptor.

Jake has a real soft spot for hot hatchbacks and pick-up trucks, and pours hours of his free time into racing games.

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