Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
  • Wonderful interior
  • Effective multimedia system
  • High quality, lots of personalisation options

As you’d expect for a luxury car at this price, the Bentayga’s cabin is a stunning thing to behold. The fit and finish is of the highest standards and the materials used are top quality too. Features such as the chrome-plated air vent controls really add a sense of occasion here, and even the electric window switches are brilliantly damped and weighted. There’s an overarching feeling of quality in this car.

The driving position is commanding – standard for an SUV – and visibility is excellent thanks to the large windows. The A-posts are bulky – another SUV standard – and you really need to peer around it when entering roundabouts or dealing with angled junctions.

The infotainment system is all new and central to it is a 10.9-inch touchscreen that now spans the entire width of the centre fascia. Content in the main screen can be selected either via buttons beneath the screen, or from the main menu screen.  It's fast, looks good and features a fast new sat-nav set-up. The Head-Up Display can now project traffic information, street and names and distance to destination too.

Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard, as is Android Auto . The instruments are handled by a fully digital driver’s information panel and can be customised. It can can be viewed in either Classic or Expanded format. In Classic, the display shows the traditional two-dial design of speedometer and tachometer. In Expanded, the right dial is replaced with an area for maps and media information.

Finally, it comes with My Bentley, the in-car and remote connected car services system. There's an embedded SIM that provides real-time data to drive this as well as allow for in-car wifi. Useful features include ‘find my car’ and ‘lock my car’, which are accessed via a smartphone app.

Some of the switchgear – the cruise control stalk and gearshift paddles for example – is lifted direct from the Q7 but sprayed a different colour. That isn’t to say it feels anywhere close to cheap, though. There’s an unmistakable depth of engineering to the Bentayga and all of the controls feel solid and well-weighted as a result.


  • Incredible cabin refinement
  • Great seats and suspension
  • Lots of room for four

The Bentley Bentayga excels here. It’s fair to say it’s one of the most comfortable cars we’ve driven. Its cabin refinement is outstanding, with next to no noise intruding unless you put your foot down and demand more performance. At idle it’s so quiet in there that you could easily confuse this SUV for a battery-powered car.

Its chassis is another highlight here. With adjustable air suspension and drive modes it’s possible to control both ride height and damping force, so you can tailor the Bentayga to be as comfortable, sporty or off-road-capable as you want. Left in Comfort mode it does roll around a little when cornering quickly, but you should really use Sport mode for this sort of driving anyway, in which case the powerful active anti-roll system kicks in and keeps the car spookily level no matter how hard you push.

There’s loads of room in the cabin for driver and passenger up front, while two back-seat occupants will be pleased with the excellent ride quality as well as the space on offer. Three adults might be a little tight, though.

Bentley’s adaptive cruise control and the other driver assistance systems available in the Touring Pack work harmoniously and smoothly, meaning it’s a serene car to be in on the motorway no matter which seat you occupy.