Best family cars 2022

  • We list the best new family cars for 2022
  • Includes hatchbacks, SUVs, estates and electric
  • For a range of budgets and lifestyles

Families come in all shapes and sizes and so cars do too. Choosing a family car is a big deal; it’s often the second biggest purchase a household can make. If you get it wrong, you can be lumbered with a heap of extra life admin you have precious time for.

Hatchbacks are a popular body type for family motors and it’s easy to see the appeal; low running costs, decent amount of space and easy manoevrability. Whether it’s a family hatchback, five- or seven-seater SUV or MPV, estate cars, or even an electric car, there’s something to cater for most budgets without the need to compromise too heavily.

To rival hatchbacks, SUVs are becoming more common as family cars, with their increased ride height overall and practicality. Yet, they can be more expensive - both to buy, and to run. You'll likely get much better MPG values in a hatchback than in a heavier, less efficient SUV, although the gap is closing as the typical SUV gets increasingly efficient. 

Safety is of vital importance when you're choosing a car to cope with family life, so check out the Euro NCAP safety ratings on any new car you're considering buying. You also need to think about whether your baby car seat is compatible, and how many Isofix points there are in the car. 

Scroll down to see the Top 10 list of our best family cars for 2022.

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The best family cars for 2022

1. Skoda Enyaq

2. Ford Puma

3. SEAT Leon Estate

4. Kia Sorento

5. Land Rover Discovery

6. Citroen Berlingo

7. Skoda Superb Estate

8. Audi Q5

9. Skoda Kamiq

10. Dacia Duster

1. Skoda Enyaq iV

Purpose-built family award winner

Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda's all-electric SUV is such an impressive balance between price, spec, options and range that it was awarded the 2022 Parkers Best Car of the Year title. A family-sized SUV that goes up against some considerable competition, both in its category as an SUV and as an electric car.

Looking sharp, the interior is future-forward with digitised switchgear creating cleaner lines. Despite it being comfortable to drive, it doesn't compromise on capability behind the wheel. Though it might not be the quickest on this list, it's effortless and that's good enough for us.

New price: from £34,850
Leasing price:
from £469 per month
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2. Ford Puma

Brilliant to drive, excellent economy and pound for pound, still the best small family SUV

Ford Puma (2021) front view

The Ford Puma is based on the Fiesta and is none-the-worse for it. It features brilliant engines and an excellent suspension set-up which result in an enjoyable-to-drive small car that's both practical and good to look at. Its styling won’t appeal to all but you can’t call it boring or derivative. We love it for that.

It's tough inside and looks good, and the major controls are so simple that making yourself at home in a Ford Puma takes seconds. Practicality is impressive, too, and we love how the roomy passenger compartment is complemented by a large and well-shaped boot that comes with an extra storage area that Ford calls the MegaBox.

New price: from £22,040
Leasing price: from £267 per month
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3. SEAT Leon Estate

Award-winning family wagon offering great value

Seat Leon estate

The SEAT Leon Estate is Parkers 2022 Best Medium family car of the year and for good reason. With clever engineering and excellent build quality, it offers great fuel economy, comfort and current safety technology. Many of its characteristics are shared with its more expensive cousins, Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia, yet it’s more fun to drive than the Octavia.

With plenty of interior space, the Leon Estate is a chipper choice for families into digitisation. What’s more, the plug-in hybrid option provides further long-term cost savings, so it offers great value-for-money.

New price: from £22,620
Leasing price: from £266 per month
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4. Kia Sorento

A stylish, practical and penny-saving pick

Kia Sorento

Winner of the 2022 Parkers Large family car of the year award, the Kia Sorento is a family-friendly SUV. Bringing a generous combination of space, versatility, comfort and style, the Sorento ticks a lot of boxes. For families looking to step into electric, the plug-in hybrid does well in and around town—perfect for the school run.

Elsewhere, the running costs are reasonable and the space can accommodate up to seven occupants, so even those weekends away will be less stressful. Though top models are a bit pricey, all Kias come with that market-leading seven year warranty, which really helps families better manage their motoring costs.

New price: from £45,945
Leasing price: from £532 per month
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5. Land Rover Discovery

Tech-laden, off-roading beast

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery has a long-standing history for off-roading, but gone are the days of gas-guzzling. The latest Disco has better fuel efficiency, defying expectations given its size. It’s as capable on the road as it is off it. While it might not have the fashionable edge of the Defender, the Discovery offers seriously decent amounts of space for up to seven people. For a number of reasons, it's the Parkers 2022 Best seven-seater car award winner.

Not surprisingly, the connectivity, infotainment and safety tech efforts from Jaguar Land Rover are impressive. Without doubt, Landies don’t come cheap and if you’re mainly in and about town, you could find it a little unwieldy. Still, for those with the budget, it’s got to be on the shortlist.

New price: £54,530
Leasing price: from £711 per month
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6. Citroen Berlingo

Roomy, comfy with emphasis on ‘practical’

Citroen Berlingo

Diehard MPV fans and bigger families looking beyond the usual seven-seater SUV will delight in Citroen’s latest iteration of the Berlingo. Fashioning Citroen’s bold styling with heavy accents, the Berlingo looks all the better for it.

Roomier than before, this overwhelming practical family chariot still has all the characteristics that helped it clinch the Parkers 2020 Best Medium Family Car of the Year. The Berlingo also comes with a splendid array of tech, unusual in its segment.

New price: from £22,135
Leasing price: from per month
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7. Skoda Superb Estate

Superb by name, superb by nature

Skoda Superb Estate

It’s not easy to make a boat-sized estate like the Superb look classy or stylish, but Skoda has somehow managed to accomplish both. The interior is impressively upmarket too. While the vast dimensions of the Superb will put some motorists off, it won’t be a dealbreaker for all.

If size isn’t an issue, the capable ride, exemplary build quality and great value-for-money should prompt a discussion about the Superb at the very minimum. A handsfree tailgate, spacious rear seating and well-laid out dash are some of the other reasons making this Skoda simply superb.

New price: from £28,460
Leasing price: from £368 per month
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8. Audi Q5

A premium family motor that's hard to fault

Best family cars - Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 has the comfortable, quality interior you’d expect from an Audi. It has the digitisation smarts for safety and infotainment that we found fairly intuitive to use. Audi has moved away from the rotary dial, opting instead for a 10” touchscreen.

Performance matches it’s impressive practicality. And while the plug-in hybrid option is extra, which against some top-spec models elsewhere in this list, might just seem unjustifiably costly (Audi badge or not) to some, the Q5 makes for a handsome family workhorse.

New price: from £45,785
Leasing price: from £541 per month
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9. Skoda Kamiq

Distinctive compact SUV has small family charm

Skoda Kamiq

The third Skoda to make this list, the Kamiq is the baby SUV of the family. Demonstrative of Skoda’s commitment to building family-friendly cars at a good price point, the Kamiq reinforces this brand dedication.

The Kamiq has more distinct styling than its siblings, but like them, shares a lot of engineering architecture with other Volkswagen-parented brands. It’s nicely balanced; though the ride’s a little soft, it handles well. The spacious interior is inoffensive. While some would want a higher driving position in an SUV, the Kamiq gets a vote for smaller families looking for something more compact.

New price: from £19,470
Leasing price: from £229 per month
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10. Dacia Duster

Excellent family SUV that belies its basic reputation

Dacia Duster (2021)

The Dacia Duster has the exterior dimensions of a smaller SUV, but with a more traditional off-roader look. Pound-for-pound it’s a great cheap family car as it costs a similar amount to a small hatchback, but offers a practical interior, a generous equipment list on higher-spec models and some impressive off-road ability should you feel so inclined.

Inside, the dashboard is more utilitarian than expensive-feeling, but it’s simple and easy to use. Further back, rear seat space is generous and the 445-litre boot is well-shaped and easy to access. The higher ride height means it’s easy to get the kids in and out, and they get a good view out, too.

Price new: from £11,745
Leasing price from £208 per month
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Why we've chosen this Top 10

The Parkers team tests hundreds of cars throughout the course of a year, and this list has been created to reflect the expert views of a variety of drivers. Our list has been compiled from the reviews section as well as the highly recommended cars that we've chosen in the SUV, MPV, hatchback and estate car market sectors, reflecting that a family car can be one of any of these bodystyles – most family car lists elsewhere tend to concentrate on just one type of car.

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