Top 10 bestselling cars in the UK in February 2020

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These are the most popular, bestselling cars in the UK according to the latest official sales figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

We update this page every month with the latest figures, and at the end of each year, we show the most popular cars over the previous 12 months. For February 2020, there was a fall of 2.9% year-on-year compared with 2019, which is on the back on an overall fall of 2.4% in car sales for 2019.

The big story so far is the fall in sales of diesel-powered cars, which now account for just 21.9% which is down 27.9% from last year. In their peak during the mid-2000s diesel cars took more than 50% of the market. But it's not all bad news, with sales of hybrid cars of all types (plug-ins and self-charging) with combined PHEV and BEV sales now accounting for 2.4% of the market. Expect this number to rise when the tax changes come into effect from April 2020.

That leaves petrol-powered cars with 60.5% of the market, but that is set to change rapidly, as the sheer number of new hybrid cars launched has an effect. News that the UK government wants to ban all new diesel and petrol car (including hybrids) sales from as early as 2032 is bound to have an effect on buyers' mindsets – even though it's still more than a decade away.

Why is this list good for you? If a car is dropping in popularity, manufacturers (and their dealers) may well be keen to do a deal with you. It also shows you what the general public is buying in large numbers - generally (although not always) a good indicator of reliability and decent dealer backup.

After all, if businesses and fleets are buying lots of one type of car, it's bound to be good, yes? And don't underestimate the power of businesses and fleets, as in 2019, 63% of all new cars were bought by them.

So keep reading to find out which are the UK's bestselling cars.

Top 10 bestselling cars for February 2020

10) BMW 5 Series (1,286 sold)

BMW 5 Series (2020) - One of the UK's bestselling cars

The BMW 5 Series is a rare entrant in the Top 10, but it's no surprise seeing it in this list given its continued popularity in the UK. You can put that down to its fleet friendliness, but also its excellence as an overall package. It's a rewarding car to drive and is also highly efficient whatever model you choose from. Buyers also love the choice – petrol, diesel and plug-in versions are all available, as is the super-fast M5 saloon.

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9) Nissan Qashqai (1,293 sold)

Nissan Qashqai 2020 front view

Here's the granddaddy of all popular family SUVs – and it's no surprise to see the Qashqai still pulls in the buyers. Admittedly now, its appeal is based mainly on its ubiquity and some brilliant deals, but let's not take anything away from this achievement – the Qashqai still drives well and still meets the needs of many, many families across the UK.

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8) MINI Hatch (1,339 sold)

MINI Hatch 2020 front view

The MINI Hatch remains as popular as ever in the UK thanks to a strong image, excellent dealer support and some cracking finance deals. The fact it drives really well, too, helps a great deal – and although it doesn't look as good as its predecessors, there's still plenty of showroom appeal in this old stager...

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7) Volkswagen Polo (1,451 sold)

2019 Volkswagen Polo front view

It's been around a little while now, but the Polo is still an exceptionally popular choice with buyers after a smaller, city-sized car. Although it's small in stature, the Polo is still a very grown-up car to drive. It has few advantages over its cheaper cousin, the SEAT Ibiza, which - let's face it - is the better buy for the majority of buyers.  

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6) Vauxhall Grandland X (1,540 sold)

Vauxhall Grandland X (2020)

The stylish Grandland X has been a big success for Vauxhall, now firmly established as its second bestselling model after the Corsa. Available in a number of variations, with trims to suit most family budgets, this Peugeot-based SUV is good to drive, practical, and economical to run. The imminent arrival of the PHEV version will add to this model's all-round appeal.

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5) Mercedes-Benz A-Class (1,648 sold)

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon (2020) front view

Now in its fourth-generation, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is more popular than ever. It's packed with (much optional) equipment, and is available with a wide variety of engines, bodystyles and trim levels. Unlike the last A-Class, this one is also good to drive, well made and nice to sit in.

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4) Vauxhall Corsa (1,871 sold)

Vauxhall Corsa 2019 front view

There's a new Vauxhall Corsa coming in 2020, so these figures reflect the run-out model, which is still readily available in your local dealer. So, it's fair to say that if you really like the look of the old car, now is a great time to buy. We'd hang on for the new one, though, which is far better. Having said that, it's a testament to the Corsa's popularity with buyers that the old one had such a great 2019.

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3) Ford Focus (2,764 sold)

Ford Focus 2020 front view

The new Ford Focus came fully on stream in 2019, but despite this, it was still behind the Volkswagen Golf for the whole of 2019. However, it began 2020 in second place ahead of its arch-rival before dropping behind as VW clears out its old stock of the outgoing model. The Focus is a consummate all-rounder, and deservedly won the best small family gong in the 2019 and 2020 Parkers New Car Awards and we suspect if you're good at haggling you'll secure a great deal.

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2) Ford Fiesta (3,123 sold)

Ford Fiesta 2020 front view

Shock horror, the UK's bestselling car is NOT the Ford Fiesta. Thanks to the great deals on the Golf as VW readies itself for the new model, it finds itself in unfamiliar territory. It might sell on the strength of its good name and large dealer network, but we love the Fiesta because it's brilliant to drive, looks fantastic, and there are some good deals to be had now it's been on sale a few years. Highly recommended.

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1) Volkswagen Golf (4,027 sold)

Volkswagen Golf 2019 front view

Britain's bestselling car is about to be replaced. The outgoing Volkswagen Golf is still very much on sale and is simply flying out of the showrooms right now on the strength of some great deals, and VW must be hoping that the next one will be just as popular. You can't order one now, and the only new ones available are those still in stock, so if you want one, get in quick – without looking too hard, we found examples of this classy hatchback with more than £3,000 off.

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