The best hybrid estates 2022

  • The top hybrid estates in the UK for 2022
  • Roomy family mobiles with fuel economy and green smarts
  • Choice of hybrids: mild, self-charging, plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

If you need an estate car, but you’re considering going electric, your choices of pure electric models are fairly limited. Sadly, the battery sizes needed to shift all that extra room bring with them increased weight, offsetting the point of having them there. That’s where hybrids, which combine conventional engines with electric power, really come into their own.

Hybrid vehicles provide the best of both worlds; reducing range anxiety that electric vehicles can induce on longer journeys, but also increasing fuel economy, where the benefits of electric, such as quieter travel, can be enjoyed in specific environments. This improves your green credentials as a driver too.

Hybrid badge

There’s a choice of hybrids; mild, self-charging and plug-in hybrid (PHEV). What you opt for will depend on your lifestyle and your residential set up.

Mild hybrids offer more fuel economy, but aren’t that dissimilar from what you’re currently driving.

Self-charging hybrids offer the improved fuel economy and some pure electric running—meaning they meet ULEZ criteria.

PHEVs require you to plug-in at home, at work, or at your destinations but can offer as many as 60 miles in pure electric mode. This could mean you’ll do the majority of your journeys using electric and will only need to rely on fuel on longer journeys, offering not only excellent fuel economy but huge fuel savings.

We’ve put together a list of the  top hybrid estate car choices. You can click on the links below to jump to your favourite, or click further down to read the comprehensive Parkers reviews.

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Best hybrid estates for 2022

1. SEAT Leon Estate

2. BMW 530e Touring

3. Mercedes E 300 de Estate

4. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

5. Volvo V90 T8

6. Skoda Octavia iV

7. VW Passat GTE

8. BMW 330e Touring

9. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

10. Peugeot 508 SW Hybrid

1. SEAT Leon Estate 

Stylish and roomy Parkers award winner

Seat Leon estate hybrid

The SEAT Leon Estate is the winner of the 2022 Parkers Best Medium Family car of the year, so there’s no surprises that it makes this list. With sharp styling and plenty of boot space, it has personality and practicality in spades.

It’s one that’ll tickle drivers and tech-heads alike. Though the lack of dash buttons might put some off, the case for the Leon Estate may be too compelling, however, particularly for those considering sister brands Volkswagen Golf or Skoda Octavia. Sharing most of its tech and engineering with both, it’s at a more affordable price point offering great value-for-money. 

New price: £22,620 – £38,205
Leasing price: from £282 per month
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2. BMW 530e Touring 

Possibly the best estate car ever

BMW 530e Touring

The estate version of the BMW 5 Series accounts for over a quarter of 5-series sales, which is arguably testament to the versatility of this vehicle. Boasting a key combination of frugal fuel economy, refined comfort and superb spaciousness, the BMW 530e Touring is a great all-rounder.

There’s no performance option and if your brood is big enough to require a seven-seater, you’ll need to make other considerations. But if the budget stretches sufficiently to cover the increased insurance and servicing expenses, the 530e Touring makes your short list. 

New price: £42,720 – £63,955
Leasing price: from £657 per month
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3. Mercedes E 300 de Estate 

Trumps rivals for comfort, power and space, provided you pay for the privilege

Mercedes Benz E 300 de estateThe Daimler crew don’t do anything by halves, so it won’t surprise you to learn that the interior of the Mercedes-Benz E 300 de Estate is like stepping into a mini limousine. With exceptionally good quality materials on every surface, every occupant is invited to relax, kick back and enjoy the journey. Every. Single. Time.

Space is abundant as is the technology on offer. Comfort is a priority, right down to dampening against any outside noise in the cabin. The fact that there are both petrol and diesel hybrid choices will delight drivers who cover longer distances regularly too. 

New price: £42,110 – £101,565
Leasing price: from per month
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4. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 

A reliable and hugely practical self-charging hybrid

Silver Toyota Corolla Touring Sports front three-quarter

Toyota’s Corolla Touring Sports comes with the reliability the Japanese manufacturer is famed for. While the ‘Sports’ is in name alone, this hybrid estate has a battery pack large enough to allow you to drive short distances on electric power alone (emphasis on the ‘short’; the electric motor isn’t there to do the heavy lifting).

The bigger 2.0-litre petrol engine option has a marginally bigger battery and more powerful electric motor. It makes for a car that is more comfortable on the motorway. With a hugely practical boot and low running costs, the Corolla Touring Sports is ideal for hatchback fans needing more rear space.

Price new: £26,125 – £33,925
Leasing price: from £320 per month
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5. Volvo V90 T8 

This elegant estate prioritises safety

Volvo V90 T8

Volvo has embraced hybrid technology in a big way, offering every model with some level of hybridisation. There’s a choice of mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. We’d recommend the T8, a plug-in hybrid with a twin engine; the quickest and most economical V90 yet.

This functional wagon combines the practicality of a family estate, with an elegant design. Though the competition is formidable, the V90 T8 holds its own with its high-tech advanced driver assistance suite, Pilot Assist, and sophisticated crash avoidance systems fitted as standard. While the boot space isn’t remarkable, plenty of passenger room and comfortable handling make the T8 a worthy premium contender.

Price new: £42,605 – £65,225
Leasing price: from £708 per month
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6. Skoda Octavia iV 

Gadget laden family ferry is top Parkers pick

Skoda Octavia iV

Now as competitive as the Volkswagen Golf for style, comfort and technological gadgets, the Skoda Octavia iV is a longstanding Parkers favourite. Complete with a cabin of practical, yet quality materials, respectable safety technology and a stylish exterior, the Octavia iV will ferry any size household around comfortably.

Though bigger families might want to consider the bigger Skoda Superb estate, the top-end spec of an Octavia iV plug-in hybrid might be more appealing for a entry-level Superb.

Price new: £23,250 – £38,520
Leasing price: from £317 per month
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7. Volkswagen Passat GTE 

Unshakeable reputation for reliability and comfort

Volkswagen Passat GTE

The attraction of the Passat isn’t just the seven different trim levels, the high quality tech-tastic cabin or the impressive performance of the plug-in hybrid. The badge alone is the draw for many drivers. As much as the engineering architecture is shared with Skoda and Seat, there’s no getting away from that VW name, with its reputation for reliability.

While the Skoda Superb beats it on boot space, the facelifted Passat has a poise that will suit high mileage drivers looking for comfort and safety. And that badge doesn’t half come in handy when looking to sell it on.

New Price: £31,240 – £43,770
Leasing price: from £395 per month
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8. BMW 330e Touring 

Clever practicality coupled with comfort, style and driving fun

BMW 330e Touring

The BMW 5 Series Touring may be the perfect estate car, but it may be too big and expensive for smaller households. That’s where the 3 Series Touring comes in. Winner of the 2022 Parkers Best Company Car award, this all-rounder combines an enjoyable driving experience with the practicality of running a busy life and comfort needed for munching miles.

A historical trade-off of practicality for style has been rectified by recent investment in the last couple of iterations and BMW has now found a better balance. The clever design touches, high tech and broad range of trims will appeal too. The hybrid offers 37 miles of pure electric mode too, so there are also cost savings to be made with this desirable plug-in hybrid.

Price new: £35,085 – £53,395
Leasing price: from per month
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9. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 

The luxurious sporty estate that spirits you away

Best hybrid estates - Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

There’s no doubting you’ll spend a pretty penny if you’re out for a performance estate like the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, but there’s equally no doubt that you won’t regret your decision if you commit. Awesome to drive with improved ride and handling, the latest-generation Panamera ST sees more passenger space and redesigned rear doors making for an easier exit.

Bags of tech join the plush, comfortable interior. There’s two petrol hybrid options to choose from and while some may want to consider the all-electric Taycan, others will feel reassured by the hybrid safety net, since the UK’s infrastructure isn’t necessarily quite where it needs to be.

Price new: £77,895 – £145,000

10. Peugeot 508 SW Hybrid 

A handsome hybrid with more manoevrability

Peugeot 508 SW

More spacious than the BMW 330e but not quite as generous as the Skoda Superb Estate, the 508 SW appeals to motorists who want something a little different. Not only does it have a distinct look on the outside, the interior brings a swathe of upmarket materials and innovative technology to more mainstream buyers.

The fact the overall size of the 508SW is relatively compact means it’s less burdensome to park and manoeuvre. The engine choices are powerful and efficient, too, and since the hybrids give particularly impressive fuel economy, the Peugeot 508 SW not one to dismiss without thought

Price new: £30,560 – £55,830
Leasing price: from £488 per month
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