Best hybrid cars to lease 2020

  • Leasing is the easiest and often the cheapest way to get behind the wheel of a new hybrid car
  • Can get you early access to desirable hybrids with long waiting lists 
  • Low emissions for low costs 

Twenty years ago, when hybrids first shot into the limelight in the UK, choice was pretty poor. The Toyota Prius was the most notable, while there was also the fascinating Honda Insight, which became progressively less interesting over time, and the flawed but revolutionary Vauxhall Ampera made its mark. But that was pretty much it.

In 2020, the choice is more varied than ever. Nearly every manufacturer offers a hybrid of some sort.

What sort? Well, there is the choice of regular, plug-in, or mild hybrids.

Kia Niro Hybrid badge

Standard hybrids' (non-plug ins) batteries are replenished by recuperating kinetic energy from the brakes as the car slows, and by taking a small amount of the engine's power to recharge them. This electricity is then deployed at convenient times to increase economy. Some standard hybrids can run on electric power alone for a few miles. Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, and others, refer to this as a self-charging hybrid.

Plug-in hybrids have their batteries recharged by connecting the car to an auxiliary power supply, otherwise known as a charger. Some of these are range-extenders, such as the BMW i3 REX. Here the engine is used as an on-board generator, with the electric motor alone powering the car.

Oh, and there are mild hybrids. These employ a small electric battery to make better use of start stop systems and a small electrical boost under hard acceleration. They are not capable of driving via electric motors alone. For the sake of clarity, we've excluded these types of cars from this list.


Benefits of leasing a hybrid car

  • Electric power with no charging

Fully electric vehicles, at the moment at least, are a bit of a pain to charge. Fine if you can charge at home at your leisure. But it can take up to an hour at a service station. Hybrids do away with this.

  • Fuel savings

This varies wildly depending on which car you choose. Some plug-in hybrids can cover around 30 miles on electric power alone. If this is your commute you could spend no money on fuel for work days at least. Even regular hybrids, like the Toyota Prius, should top 70mpg. A similarly sized petrol model will only likely get around 40mpg.

  • Lower tax

With lower emission rates than petrols or diesels, hybrids do attract lower tax rates than traditionally propelled cars.

  • Exemptions

Save money with charge exemptions - Some hybrid cars will qualify to be exempt from the London congestion charge if they emit less than 75g/km. The congestion charge currently costs £11.50 per day.

  • Less risk than buying outright

If you like the idea of an electric car, but can’t commit to charging every day, or don’t like the range, going hybrid can help. And if you're after new tech, without any of the financial worry, leasing can offer a simple way to finance a car.

Best hybrid cars to lease 2020

Want to find out more about leasing? Check out our video guide explaining how leasing works. Want to look at some leasing deals? Take a look at our personal leasing search tool.

Toyota Corolla

Best hybrid car to lease for: first-time hybrid drivers

2019 Toyota Corolla front

The Corolla name returned to the UK in 2018. Remember the old one as a basic form of motoring without much excitement? Well, this new one is much less basic, but just as unexciting.

This lack of excitement is chiefly what makes it a good hybrid car to lease. Especially if this is your first hybrid. There are two engines on offer (a 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre), and the whole package is easy to use, easy to understand and you should expect north of 70mpg and up to 85mpg.**

Hyundai Ioniq

Best hybrid car to lease for: cut-price Tesla vibes

White Hyundai Ioniq front tracking

You know the idiom, variety is the spice of life? If that's true, consider the Ioniq to be a Carolina Reaper chilli pepper. That's because the Ioniq is offered in fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and regular hybrid powertrains.

To eek the most out of your leasing deal (and assuming you can home charge) we'd go for the plug-in. Its dual-clutch automatic gearbox is much better than CVT style ones used in rivals. Although it's slightly down on ultimate efficiency compared with the Prius below. Still, should get close to 80mpg.**

Toyota Prius

Best hybrid car to lease for: looking like an Uber driver

2017 Toyota Prius Plug-in blue rear

The archetypal hybrid car and the one most people think of when you say hybrid.

It comes in both plug-in and regular hybrid format. Whichever derivative you opt for, they're both powered by a 1.8-litre petrol engine.

Day to day usage will see the standard Prius hybrid achieve a diesel-bashing mpg. Leasing deals tend to be a good chunk higher for the Plug-in. So unless you cover loads of miles and charge it religiously, we'd opt for the regular hybrid.**

Volvo XC90 T8

Best hybrid car to lease for: posh seven-seaters

2019 blue Volvo XC90 tracking front

It's big. It's posh. It's surprisingly kind to the environment. Volvo's XC90 may be not quite as luxurious inside as a Range Rover, but it comes without the footballer image too.

Other selling points? The XC90 is one of the safest cars you can buy. Its semi-autonomous tech, called Pilot Assist, is up there as one of the best. It should also do 25 miles in pure EV mode too.

In full-on Power mode it'll also crack 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds. This level of pace for this size of the car is amazing.**

BMW 330e

Best hybrid car to lease for: slick driving characteristics

2019 blue Volvo XC90 tracking front

Its 2.0-litre petrol engine makes 181hp, while the electric motor makes 111hp. This means the 330e is impressively green (39g/km CO2 emissions) and impressively hoofable in the right conditions, courtesy of BMW's trademark handling and the total power output of 292hp.

It does come at a price though. A standard 3-Series saloon has 480 litres of boot space, while the 330e has just 375 litres.**

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Best hybrid car to lease for: cheap space

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV rear

When it was first introduced in 2013 Mitsubishi caught the rest of the market napping. It was the first big SUV with a plug-in hybrid system, combining rufty tufty 4x4 looks with emission free motoring. Londoners loved them, and still do.

The game has moved on a bit since then (look at the Volvo XC90 above), but the Mitsubishi is usefully cheaper.

When compared to the Volvo XC90, the interior is nowhere near as premium, and the drivetrain's total power output is just 224hp all-in, so it's nowhere near as fast. But leasing brings the cost down to around £350 per month - usefully cheap.**

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Best hybrid car to lease for: tight city streets

2017 blue Toyota Yaris Hybrid front

The little Yaris is by far and away one of the cheapest and smallest hybrids around. Hugely popular for London estate agents for this very reason. It's also the only hybrid supermini on sale.

Around 40% of Yaris sales are for the hybrid. And the figures stack up. It's a 1.5-litre petrol engine matched with an electric motor, with official claims of 85.6mpg and CO2 emissions of just 75g/km.

Cheap feeling inside. But cheap to lease. Expect prices to start from £200 per month.**

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