Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The interior is finished with high quality materials, with a choice of different trims on the options list, including wood, aluminium and black gloss. The amount of dashboard buttons depends on whether the optional i-Drive system is chosen or not -without it the audio and climate functions are accessed through buttons on the dashboard. With i-Drive these functions (as well as navigation and telephone controls) are controlled via a dial mounted on the centre console.

The driver’s seat has a good level of adjustment and the steering can be altered for reach and height.

The latest Coupé is considerably roomier than its predecessor, particularly for rear-seat passengers. But don’t think it’s exactly Tardis-like – legroom is still quite restricted, especially if you’re an adult in the back and there’s a six-footer behind the wheel. But it’s comfortable enough with two sculpted seats and decent head space. Automatic climate control is standard and, new to BMW (although the Mercedes-Benz CLK has provided this feature for several years), is an automatic seatbelt handover system – an metal arm extends from over your shoulder with the seatbelt.

Cruise control is standard and options include ‘comfort access’ keyless entry, which allows the car to be unlocked with the key still in a pocket or handbag.