Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Three petrol engines and one diesel
  • No plug-in hyrid version... yet
  • Range-topping 440i is seriously impressive

The BMW 4 Series has a simple enough range – it comprises of the petrol 420i, 430i and M440i alongside the 420d diesel model. There are just two trim levels as it stands right now – M Sport and M Sport Pro. Expect that choice to expand throughout the coming months and years.

All models are quick, here's a brief run-down of all models available.

  • 420i M Sport (184hp): 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds, maximum speed 149mph
  • 430i M Sport (258hp): 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds, maximum speed 155mph
  • M440i xDrive (375hp): 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, maximum speed 155mph
  • 420d M Sport (190hp): 0-62mph in 7.1 seconds, maximum speed 149mph

What's the 420d like to drive?

The new engine complete with 190hp uses a 48-volt mild hybrid technology for gentle electrically-assisted acceleration and coasting when rolling off-throttle, but what you really notice is just how quiet it is on the move. While there is still a low rumble of diesel noise, it’s so well damped inside the cockpit it feels like you’re driving one of the most refined four-cylinder diesels on the market.

It is, however a diesel, so torque still comes in a sizeable lump between 2,500rpm and 4,000rpm, then completely drops off after that. While it’s standard fare not to rev out a diesel, this engine is geared in such a way that doing so is completely pointless – there’s next to no sensation in acceleration between 4,000rpm and the redline.

We also rate the eight-speed transmission which is even faster shifting now and really smooth, further emphasizing the kick in agreeable shove you get in full-throttle gear changes in Sport mode.

BMW 4 Series Coupe (2020) handling

What's the M440i like to drive?

The M440i is likely to be the last new BMW to be launched with the iconic six-cylinder engine. It's now paired with a 48-volt mild hybrid system which unleashes up to 11hp of additional on-demand e-boost power. The power output of the redesigned 3.0-litre unit went up by 48hp to a notably more substantial 375hp at 5,500-6,500rpm.

While the 430i needs to be revved to deliver, the 440i can build up speed effortlessly without thrashing it. But it you do want the excitement of taking it to the redline, it's happy to do that – the choice is yours.


  • Sharp M440i steering will keep you on your toes
  • Lively handling is aided by good traction control systems

Like almost all M Performance versions, the M440i has very sharp steering which is almost too direct and nervous around the straight ahead position. Especially at high speed, othe tiniest steering inputs can have a disproportionate effect on your direction. The effect of that is that the traction control system cuts in readily – especially in the wet – to calm things down. 

It’s the same with the less powerful 420d – be heavy-footed with the accelerator in the right (or wrong, depending on your viewpoint) situation and it’s enough to wake up the Electronic Stability Control.

BMW 4 Series Coupe (2020) handling