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BMW 4 Series Coupe (2020) handling

Should you buy a BMW 4 Series Coupe?

This is a tough one. Choosing between the 4 Series and the Audi A5 is really difficult, as they are so evenly matched across the board. We'd say yes, on the proviso that you can get over the styling (time can be a great healer) and accept that the BMW's excellent dashboard and infotainment system lag ever so slightly behind the Audi's.

That's fine, because the BMW majors on driver involvement. So, it's no surprise that the 4 Series is a better bet than the A5 for keen drivers. If you have the budget for a M440i you'll end up with a hugely involving old-school drivers’ car, which in today's car market this is very good news. If you're going for one of the smaller-engined versions, it's less dramatic but probably just as satisfying in the long term.

The BMW M4 is something else again. It manages to be both an accomplished all-rounder and a flawed, yet brilliantly exciting sports coupe all at the same time. It’s everyday on-road manners and luxuriously appointed cabin are almost beyond reproach. Yet start to press on the and the wave of seemingly limitless power and torque makes it a heart-stopping streetfighter of a sports coupe.

So, there you have it – the BMW 4 Series is great to drive, smart inside and roomier than you might imagine. With its powerful engine the M440i is great fun, but the diesel-powered 420d strikes the best balance between performance and running costs, while still offering unrivalled balance on a twisty road.

So it comes to priorities – for usability and functionality, go for the Audi A5. For feedback and excitement, you're better off with the BMW 4 Series.

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