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BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (12-17) - rated 4.5 out of 5
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Road tax cost £170 - £490
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Excellent ride, relatively frugal diesel engine, striking looks


Unlikely to get discount, pointless middle rear-seat, 20-inch wheels slightly compromise ride

BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe rivals

Written by Gareth Evans on

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is a little late to the party. Since 2005 Mercedes-Benz has had a monopoly on the four-door premium coupe market with its CLS, and the sales success the firm has enjoyed has been clear for all to see. Since then Audi has jumped in on the act with its A7 Sportback, and there’s also upper-class four-door competition in the shape of the Porsche Panamera, the Aston Martin Rapide and Maserati’s Quattroporte.

With that little lot in mind, BMW is playing catch-up with its Gran Coupe - even though it started building coupes as far back as 1955 with the 503. Promising attractive looks, a trio of powerful engines and comfortable yet engaging handling, this is a car that really needs to appeal in a way that sets it apart from the competition. The Gran Coupe is 113mm longer than the 6 Series Coupe but not as big as the 7 Series.

This added length means more rear-seat legroom and it is fair to say that it is nowhere near as cramped as the regular 6 Series Coupe. It is essentially a four-seater, but there is a miniscule fifth seat nestled between the two larger rears. Adults can sit in it but it’s only suitable for very short journeys because the central transmission tunnel eats up legroom.

The interior is unmistakably BMW and this model is certainly at the upper end of the firm’s quality spectrum. There’s a pair of petrol engines including a powerful V8 which offers a serious turn of pace, but suffers somewhat with high running costs too. Crucially then, there’s a 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine which not only offers excellent performance but also impressive fuel economy and emits fairly low CO2 – a lowly 146g/km - considering the size of the car.

This means it’ll dip under the 160g/km cut-off threshold many fleet managers adhere to, so this is a car that may find its way on to company car drivers’ lists. Another factor making this car likely to appeal to the business set – along with private buyers too – is its striking looks. This really is one attractive car, and seems far more balanced and in-proportion than the two-door Coupe it’s derived from.

So can this car really slot into a saturated marketplace and genuinely hold its own against the competition? Read on for our comprehensive BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe review to find out.

BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe rivals

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