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Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

Verdict Should you buy a BMW X5 SUV?

Compared with the previous model, the BMW X5 is bigger and smarter with a more upmarket-looking cabin and a range of modern engines.

Inside, it feels a more special place than an equivalent Mercedes-Benz GLE thanks to plush leather seats and plenty of pleasant materials, while the space on offer is impressive and more than enough for a family. Going for a seven-seat version might not be worth it – it’ll be a bit of a squeeze and the boot is small with them in place. But then that’s what the X7 is for.

It comes loaded to the roof with equipment (and can be specified even higher than this if you select some extras from the options list – but at quite a cost), and has the kerb appeal that potential buyers will love.

It’s good to drive (if that’s a priority for you) and surprisingly capable off-road, but for the most part it plays the part of luxurious, comfortable and wafty SUV very well indeed – just avoid going for blingy wheels for the smoothest ride. The level of tech has been given a substantial boost as well – the entertainment options are great and the infotainment system is slick to use and very modern.

The good news is the best all-round version of the X5 is the one with the cheapest engine – the xDrive30d. It’s smooth and responsive, while remaining the most economical option in the range. Go for it in M Sport specification – that’s what most X5s on the road will be, and will be popular when you come to get rid of it later on.

Whether or not a large estate would suit your lifestyle better is up to you, but the downsides to picking an SUV like the BMW X5 have lessened with each generation.

If you do prefer the sound of an estate, read our BMW 5 Series Touring review, or if you like the sound of something bigger, read about the BMW X7 SUV

2019 BMW X5 rear view