Parkers Awards 2020 - Pickup of the Year Winner

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Whether you’re looking for a replacement for an ageing Defender or need a machine that can haul all the necessities of modern life, the 1.0-tonne pickup category is packed with worthy contenders.  But our 2020 award winner is also good to drive, happily doubling-up as family car as well as a workhorse, and comes packed with modern safety equipment and technology, too.

Pickup of the Year 2020


Ford’s thoroughly refreshed Ranger pickup may not look much different on the outside, but under the skin a new selection of 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engines, producing as much as 213hp and 500Nm of torque, has transformed the driving experience, helping create a clear winner in our 2020 Parkers Pickup Award. With other refinements including suspension updates and active noise cancelling to keep the clatter down in the cabin, this has become one of the few pickups that really can function as an alternative to a car. Yet it retains the impressive payload and towing capacity that’s helped make it the UK’s bestselling truck.

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Runners up

Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck


Taking a runner up spot in the Pickup Award 2020, the Mitsubishi L200’s strength has always been its value and its comparatively lightweight construction – helping to deliver good performance and keen efficiency, as well as an excellent blend of towing and carrying capacity. As a result, while the latest Series 6 model may feature a downsized engine and reduced amount of outright power, it still feels sprightly and nimble on the road, and remains very capable off it. The new exterior look adds a welcome dash of distinctive style, which should boost its appeal to lifestyle buyers and working operators alike, while refinement is improved, too.

Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck


No major changes for the Amarok this year, but it’s still the only pickup on sale in the UK with an all-V6 engine line up, and yet again takes a deserving place on our Pickup Award podium. These powerful and refined 3.0-litre diesels give Volkswagen’s entire pickup range a sense of character and quality that nothing else on the market can quite match, together with fearsome performance. At the same time careful suspension tuning means it’s more comfortable than most rivals as well. A large load area and plenty of payload capacity provide proper working credentials, while the interior is high quality and refined.

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