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Large Electric Car of the Year 2021: Tesla Model 3

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The march of the electric car continues into 2021, with a raft of new entrants adding to what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. What this means is that if you're looking for an electric car for you and your family – one that's capable of going a fair distance between recharges – then this is the category for you. We've added Best Large Electric Car to our list of awards to reflect the rapidly maturing market, and showcase the level of sophistication these cars now have. Despite being a few years old now, the Tesla Model 3 is still the state of the art, and best all-rounder in this market.

Written by Keith Adams Published: 26 October 2020 Updated: 26 October 2020

Best large electric car - Tesla Model 3
Best large electric car - Tesla Model 3


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The Model 3 was the Car of The Year in the 2020 Parkers New Car Awards and returns for 2021 with victory in the new Best Large Electric Car category. This charismatic EV has become a top-selling car in the UK, despite being made by a technology firm not always associated with quality products. It really delivers where it counts, though, thanks to a long driving range, excellent performance and the advantage of Tesla’s unmatched Supercharger network. Top it off with decent leasing deals that can get you in one from around £400 per month, and you can see why it’s won for a second year running.

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Best large electric car - Kia e-Niro


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The Kia e-Niro offers a brilliant combination of range, practicality and usability, and proves that an electric car for families needn’t cost an arm and a leg in cash terms. For many, the e-Niro should be every car they need, quashing those age-old concerns about range anxiety in one fell swoop. Kia and sister company Hyundai are at the cutting edge of battery vehicle technology, which is why the e-Niro delivers an easy 275 miles and more in real-world driving, beating some much more expensive EVs in the process.

Best large electric car - Polestar 2


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Not heard of Polestar before? This is a new brand, so that’s no surprise. But this upstart EV company has the might of Volvo behind it, and in partnership with Chinese parent company Geely, has access to the latest battery vehicle technology. The 2 is Polestar’s first all-electric car, and it’s very impressive, with an excellent infotainment system, a comfortable and well-built vegan-friendly interior, and superb road manners and performance. For a car straight out of the blocks by a new carmaker, it’s a brilliant effort.

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