Thrill-Seekers' Car of the Year 2021: Porsche 718 Cayman GTS

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Acceleration. Handling. Soundtrack. You'll love how our winning Thrill-Seekers' car makes you feel on your favourite stretch of road. From our shortlisted threesome, these was one clear winner – the brilliant Porsche 718 Cayman GTS.

Best thrill-seeker's car - Porsche 718 Cayman GTS


Like the more track-focused Cayman GT4, the GTS uses a 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine - and that's key to its award-winning appeal. Our Best Car for Thrill-Seekers is brilliant to drive, offering huge levels of traction and precision from the front wheels, but it's still surprisingly approachable and easy to drive every day, with plenty of feedback through the controls. It sounds incredible and responds to your every input as only a thoroughbred sports car can. The standard six-speed manual gearbox is a great attribute, too - slick and precise, and perfectly suited to the glorious engine.

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Best thrill-seeker's car - Ford Fiesta ST


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The Fiesta ST is still our favourite hot hatch, and so good it won the overall Car of the Year award in 2019. It was then shortlisted again in 2020's awards, and almost made it three times in a row for 2021 up against some very talented opposition – and that's without any technical changes. The ST's turbocharged three-cylinder engine is an absolute firecracker, while the addition of a limited slip differential brings go kart-like keeness for corners. So much fun in such a little (and affordable) package. We love it.

Best thrill-seeker's car - Lotus Evora 410


It's far from the newest sports car in the pack, but thanks to Lotus's policy of continuously improving its cars, the Evora has just become better and better. Wickedly quick thanks to its supercharged mid-mounted Toyota-based engine, but with a bit more practicality than the more extreme Exige model. That combination of qualities makes this a thrill-seeker's delight not exclusively reserved for the weekends and track days.