Volkswagen ID.5: electric Coupe-SUV revealed ahead of 2022 launch

  • VW reveals Coupe-SUV version of ID.4
  • Range of up to 323 miles
  • On sale in UK first quarter of 2022

Volkswagen has revealed the ID.5. The Coupe-SUV shares its electric underpinnings with the VW ID.4 and it is set for launch in the UK in the first quarter of 2022. Three different power outputs and a single battery will be offered, with a range between charges of up to 323 miles.

The sleek ID.5 will compete with the likes of the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, with which it shares its platform, and the Tesla Model Y - one of the most talked about electric SUVs of the moment. Nonetheless, the entry-level ID.5 should be significantly more affordable than the latter.

How is it different to the ID.4?

Up front, the ID.5 looks little different to the ID.4 SUV, but the new car gets its own design of bumper to set it apart. The high-performance GTX version features a different bumper style again. Down the sides of all ID.5s, the lower sections of the doors are painted in body colour, whereas the ID.4 features a contrasting grey finish.

VW ID.5 front

The most obvious changes have been made towards the back, however, as the ID.5 is characterised by a dramatically swooping roofline, truncated in a new rear spoiler. The ID.5 is 20 millimetres lower than the ID.4, too. Thanks to the new design, the ID.5 slips through the air easier, helping to extend the range between charges slightly.

Inside, the ID.5 is identical to the ID.4 up front, and it would appear that the rear seating is just as spacious, despite the new roofline – though the rear door opening is a little smaller.

Remarkably, Volkswagen quotes a slightly larger boot volume for the ID.5, at 549 litres, though that's measured to the luggage cover, so the more upright rear of the ID.4 should mean it's the more practical of the two. Both cars feature split-folding rear seats and the option to add an electrically opening tailgate and towbar.

VW ID.5 interior

How far will it go on a charge?

The ID.5 will be available with a 77kWh battery pack only and, depending on specification, that means a maximum range between charges of up to 323 miles.

Volkswagen UK expects the ID.5 Pro to be the most popular model. Its rear-mounted electric motor produces up to 174hp. The Pro Performance version also sends power to the rear wheels only, using a more powerful motor that outputs up to 204hp.

Topping the line-up is the ID.5 GTX. This features an extra electric motor, to turn the front wheels, giving the ID.5 all-wheel drive and a considerable 299hp. VW quotes a 0-62mph time of just 6.3 seconds for this variant, though its WLTP range drops to 298 miles. The GTX comes with a unique specification inside and out that sets it apart from other models in the line-up, too.

VW ID.5 rear

The ID.5's battery pack can be charged at a rate of 135kW at a suitable DC rapid charger, which equates to as much as 200 miles of charge for 30 minutes parked up. Using AC technology, the fastest charging rate is 11kW.

What this means for you?

While Volkswagen UK has yet to confirm pricing for the ID.5, the Coupe-SUV is likely to attract a premium over and above the cost of the ID.4. For reference, the lowest-priced ID.4 using the 77kWh battery pack comes in at just over £42,000, while the ID.4 GTX costs from £48,525.

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