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Happy 2022. If this is going to be a new car year for you, then let us give you this gift of choice. Taking away choice that is.

For decades car manufacturers and marketing firms have pitched choice at you like it's something you highly desire. And frankly if you did want choice, selecting something to watch on TV wouldn't turn into a military operation with spreadsheets and arguments.

Too much choice is too much work. And with that in mind, we're giving you less choice with your next car. Below you'll find six vehicles that are popular in the UK along with six alternatives that we think are better.

Skoda Enyaq > Tesla Model Y

Skoda Enyaq vs Tesla Model Y

The Skoda Enyaq is our Car of the Year. It batted away respected challengers such as the Ford Puma and Land Rover Defender by being so hugely competent in so many departments, all while offering a better interior than its mechanically identical VW group siblings.

The Model Y is the hatchbacked SUV follow-up to the brilliant Model 3. This should be a slam dunk, home-run or touch-down (pick whichever silly American sport you fancy) for team Musk, but it just isn't.

Electric range and tech on the Tesla are of course top-notch and it's a lot faster than an Enyaq. But it falls down in the comfort department. It crashes through potholes and gets jiggy with it on the motorway. Close but no e-cigar.

Kia Sorento > Mercedes GLB

Kia Sorento vs Mercedes GLB

A bit of a controversial one from us here, considering we voted the GLB our Medium Family Car of the Year for 2021. We love its swish and tech-heavy interior borrowed from the A-Class and its range of fuel efficient engines.

However, it's outgunned by the Kia Sorento, our Large Family Car of the Year. The Sorento isn't as sweet to drive and the interior isn't as flash. But it is a giant.

It's 176mm longer and some 66mm wider than the GLB and inside you can tell. Both cars have seating for seven, but we'd much rather sit in the back of a Sorento. And like for like, they're basically the same cash price.

SEAT Leon Estate > Nissan Qashqai

SEAT Leon Estate vs Nissan Qashqai

The SEAT Leon Estate is our pick of the bunch when it comes to sensible household haulers. We know some people will look at estates with the same bemused stare a Gen Z'er might cast at an iPod Shuffle, but we think there's still a place for estates in a field dominated by SUVs.

The latest Qashqai is a huge step up from the old model, especially in the interior. But the Leon has a massive boot, loads of room for adults and child seats, and importantly, it's better value for money. Finance is a tricky business because it's always changing, but in good old fashioned cash terms, you're looking at around £9,000 price difference on similarly specced cars.

Maybe things will swing in favour of the Nissan Qashqai once the fancy e-Power generator hybrid system, capable of 50mpg+, comes into play.

Ford Puma ST > Hyundai Kona N

Ford Puma ST vs Hyundai Kona N

The Hyundai Kona N is a breath of fresh air in a po-faced world. It's outrageously lairy and silly and even comes with something called Grin Shift, which adds 10hp for a very short amount of time.

Ultimately, like your friend who takes his shirt off after five pints, the Kona N is funny at first but grows old pretty quickly. Full on N mode is unbearable and even when it's not in a silly mood it's greatly upset by pimples in the surface and the road's camber.

The Puma ST, on the other hand, is 90% as fun but 100% better to live with day-to-day because its more pliant suspension makes going to the shops a joy rather than a misery.

VW ID.3 > Cupra Born

VW ID.3 vs Cupra Born

Like a Love Island contestant, the Cupra Born looks good on paper. More than 200hp, instant torque, rear-wheel drive and of course big wheels and a bodykit that alludes to handling prowess.

Only problem is that it isn't all that different to drive than the Volkswagen ID.3, a car it's nearly mechanically identical to. Our feelings are that Cupra over promised and underdelivered with the EV hot hatch hype.

Oh, and the interior of the Cupra. It's chintzier than a Colchester nightclub. It will age terribly. Just save yourself some money and go for an ID.3.

> Thunderbolt fight: Cupra Born vs VW ID.3 group test

Renault Clio > Ford Fiesta

Renault Clio vs Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is a brilliant thing. Reliable, practical, and surprisingly fun to drive with whatever engine has been slung in the front. A manual gearbox to die for too.

Slide into a sensible set of slippers for a second and it's easy to look past these traits and see it's beginning to look a bit old now.

The Clio has a bigger boot, a fresher interior and it's forever being offered with banging finance offers. Basic models fall into reassuringly low insurance groups too.

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