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Citroën C5 X interior, tech and comfort

2022 onwards (change model)
Comfort rating: 4.5 out of 54.5

Written by Alan Taylor-Jones Published: 24 November 2022 Updated: 10 October 2023

  • Well-considered trim and materials
  • Solid interior quality
  • Tech much improved over earlier Citroens

How is the quality and layout?

Plush materials are not something traditionally associated with Citroen, but it has to be said that the touch points – such as the steering wheel and door pulls – feel very nice indeed. You get big, comfortable seats, a glassy interior, a bright and clear central touchscreen controlling all of the car’s major functions, and physical controls for the heating and ventilation.

The driving position is spot on – you sit snug and enveloped in the cabin, but there’s enough seat height adjustment to raise them adequately if you fancy a more SUVesque driving position. In addition, there are lots of cubbyholes and clever storage solutions that should cater for all your family’s needs.

Infotainment and tech

On all but the Sense Plus model there’s a supersized head-up display projecting information on the windscreen, and it works very well on the move, taking over many of the functions of the instruments ahead of you, handy as like the C4 they’re on a small digital screen.

Citroen C5 X infotainment
Lowest spec cars get a 10.0-inch display but the other two trim models receive 12.0-inch screens.

Like the Peugeot 308, this car adopts the group’s latest infotainment system, bunching functions into tiles on the touchscreen and it’s a genuine leap in the right direction, proving quick and simple to use, with a high resolution. The ‘natural’ voice control system works very well, too.


  • Comfort is C5 X strong point
  • Front and rear seats are hugely supportive
  • Lots of lounging room in the rear

The good news is that if you’re after a comfortable car, the C5 X hits the bullseye. As soon as you get in, the cossetting driver’s seat puts you in a relaxed frame of mind. The C5 X shares its tech with the latest Peugeot 308, Vauxhall Astra and DS 4, but is much longer between the front and rear wheels at 2,785mm.

All of that additional space is fed into the rear, where those in the back get far more lounging room. The C5 X makes great use of space inside, with plenty of knee room behind a tall driver, although as can be seen from our video, headroom is at a premium if you’re taller than 6ft, and if you’re regularly chauffeuring tall people, you’ll be better off with a Skoda Superb.