Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - Meet the fan club

  • Our long-term Grand C4 Picasso is pored over by owners of old model
  • Extra space, futuristic looks and more features all impressed…
  • …Lack of dashboard top storage cubbies didn’t

Question: you’ve had your car for a few years now, proving itself to have been fit for purpose and not too troublesome reliability-wise – so do you replace it with the latest model or go for something different?

Answers came by way of five owners of the previous (2007 to 2014) generation Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. Would they be impressed enough with our long-term version of the new model to buy one when the time came?

Abby Walters

2009 1.6 HDi 16V VTR+

“I’ve had my Picasso for a few years now and while it’s not been fault-free, it’s been so practical, so I’d be highly likely to buy this newer one – it looks great.

“There’s more space inside, and it feels really airy with the glass roof as well as that enormous windscreen. I like the electric seat adjustment, two-tone colour scheme of this one too, and the leather – great for wiping off kids’ sticky handprints.

“While the central storage unit’s handy, getting rid of the dash-top cubbies is a real shame. I’m also not particularly fussed about the technology on it – touchscreen is good but I don’t get the benefits of the blind spot warning or keyless entry to be honest.

“I reckon those door blinds would trap kids’ fingers easily and what’s that leg rest thing all about?”

Lee George

2007 1.6 HDi 16V SX

“My current Grand C4 Picasso’s my fourth Citroen after a ZX estate and a couple of Xsara Picassos. I did venture to another make for a bit but the reliability was shocking, so I came back to what I knew.

“First impressions are that once you strip away the futuristic-looking bodywork, it works almost the same as before underneath – the seats stow and adjust the same way, with more room for the people in them. The boot’s about the same size by the look of things but the electric tailgate is a real plus.

“I’m really impressed by the dashboard with the touchscreen at the centre – it works really well and for those of us using smartphones all day, it makes a lot of sense.

“When the time comes to replace mine I’ll likely buy one of these – I hope the removal of those storage areas on top of the dash doesn’t irritate me, though.”

Howard Johnston

2010 1.6 HDi 16V VTR+

“It looks futuristic, doesn’t it, especially on the inside with those two screens. I’m not sure, though – I like the look of the dashboard but like most modern mobile phones, it seems unnecessarily complex. I’d prefer something simpler.

“There seems to be more space for people and luggage in this new one and the way the parcel shelf slots behind the back row of seats is convenient. Much more so than removing those lockers on top of the dashboard. The glovebox is next to useless, too.

“I’m not quite sure of the point of the front passenger seat’s electric foot rest either. Surely it’s comfier to sit upright in a car?

“I’ve enjoyed the Citroen but next time I’ll be looking at a premium SUV along the lines of an Audi Q5.”

Mark Dyson

2008 2.0 HDi 16V Exclusive EGS automatic

“I’m pretty much sold on the new Picasso before I’ve even had a proper look around it. The styling’s great and I really like those ‘infinity’ LED lights at the back; less sold on the headlamps though. This new diesel engine’s quieter, too and I like how you can now have it with the automatic gearbox.

“There’s definitely more space inside than my old one, with extra conveniences like an extra 12-volt socket and the air vents for the third row. I like the idea of the aircraft-style front passenger seat, although I don’t know as I’d use it that often.

“Seems a shame they’ve got rid of the dash-top cubbies and chilled cabinet – I really like those. And not putting LEDs in the boot torch seems a bit mean too. I’m more concerned about how fragile the catches for the blinds are on the rear doors and the uncomfortable rear headrests when they’re in the low position.

“Would I buy one? Absolutely! Overall it’s a great improvement.”

Seamus Doran

2008 2.0 HDi 16V Exclusive EGS automatic

“While I really like the new Grand C4 Picasso it seems odd Citroen would remove features like the storage bins on the dashboard and the opening tailgate glass – I’d really miss that.

“Overall I do like it, though. The storage location for the rear parcel shelf is clever, the visibility’s improved and there’s more room, too, which really is what these types of cars are all about. As touchscreens go it’s really clear and easy to use.

“It’s great that the third row passengers get air vents in the roof but I’m not really liking the winged headrests or the weird front passenger seat leg rest.

“I’d buy one, but I wouldn’t go for leather – especially not at an extra two grand!”

Four out of five owners from our sample suggesting they’d replace their car with the latest generation reflects how well-liked the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso is. Reintroducing those dash-top cubbies sounds like it ought to be a priority for the interior design team though.

Total mileage: 4,693 miles (started at 394)

Average mpg: 40.6mpg