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Jaguar C-X75 concept

Free company car tax and 205mph top speed? Yes, it's unthinkable but Jaguar says it has achieved that with its new concept car, the C-X75.

The 4.6m-long, 205mph, two-seat, open-top sports car has four 195bhp electric motors, one at each wheel. All that means a combined 780bhp but more importantly, zero-emissions running.

It's capable, Jag says, of 0-62mph in 3.4sec, 0-100mph in 5.5sec and a 205mph top speed. Now all this power and environmentally friendly motoring might sound pie in the sky but Jag's deputy design director Julian Thomson says no. "The time's right for us to push on again, he added, "to make people aware that we can make an even more exotic and special kind of car - a true supercar that's sustainable and future-proof."

So what's the downside? Well you can't get from London to Brighton in it but it won't get you back again because in electric only mode the plug-in hybrid has a range of just 68 miles.

However, Jag has sought to overcome this issue and has included a pair of gas turbines with a total output of 188bhp. They are mounted behind the cabin and they can run on diesel, biofuel, compressed natural gas or LPG and extend the car's cruising range to a theoretical 560-mile maximum.


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