Parkers overall rating: 3.4 out of 5 3.4

DS 7 Crossback (2021) interior

How is the quality and layout?

The DS 7 Crossback's interior majors on luxury. The French manufacturer is going for a haute couture look in keeping with what it describes as a Parisian approach to materials and trim. This traditional approach is somewhat at odds with the high-tech interior, which presents the driver with a sizeable 12.0-inch TFT screen instead of a set of dials.

The driving position is good, and once acclimatised, the controls work well. The cruise control and audio systems are adjusted by chunky stalks behind the wheel – better than buttons on the spokes, once you've figured out how they work. For those used to Peugeots and Citroens, nothing about the DS 7 Crossback will feel alien or unusual – just more luxurious.

Infotainment and tech

That instrument panel is flanked by an equally large infotainment screen, which like the DS 7 Crossback's cousin, the Peugeot 3008, controls rather too many of the car's functions. Thankfully, the bank of switches beneath the screen can be used for additional functions, although rather like the DS 3, some of these can be counter-intuitive.

The E-Tense models feature special graphics on the instrument cluster and infotainment screen to monitor (usefully) battery charge and (less usefully, if intriguingly) illustrate which parts of the hybrid powertrain are currently in operation, but otherwise there’s little to differentiate them despite a significantly higher price. On the positive side, the E-Tense offers equal interior and luggage space to all other DS 7 models, which isn’t always the case on hybrid variants because of the need to package the bulky battery under the vehicle.


With a name like DS, and with the heritage that this has behind it, it's not unreasonable to expect this car to be a comfortable choice. On the whole, the DS 7 Crossback doesn't disappoint, with a suspension set-up that's tuned for comfort on rougher roads, and cossetting high-speed ride.

In the town and city, the DS 7 Crossback is comfortable, but it's far from the magic carpet that you get on smooth motorways. To get the best out of the car for comfort-lovers, if it's fitted with Active Scan suspension, leave it in standard mode, as it will read the surface ahead and adjust the damping accordingly.

The front seats are very, very good. Supportive, well-shaped and very well padded – so most drivers will find a comfortable and commanding position. In the rear, you get adjustment, and acres of room.

DS 7 Crossback