Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

Should you buy a Fiat 500 Electric?

The previous Fiat 500 always felt a bit like a case of style over substance. Well, with this impressively well-resolved and modern new 500, Fiat’s given us a generous dose of both sides.

Though its competition – particularly the hugely likable Honda e – is very strong, the electric 500 manages to stand apart from the crowd thanks to its retro-futuristic looks (which we love) comfortable interior, and very well-resolved electric drivetrain.

What we like

With a maximum range that wouldn’t look out of place on a luxury electric SUV three times the price, the 500’s a convincing long-distance EV, yet it retains all the ability that made its petrol-powered predecessors so spectacular in the city streets.

Feeling more modern and substantial than the Volkswagen e-Up and better thought-out than the MINI Electric, we think the Fiat 500’s one of the best electric cars out there – and we can’t wait to give a right-hand drive model a real workout on Britain’s roads.

What we don't like

Very little, actually. Some aspects of the interior are a little dated, such as the quaint push-button drive selector. Even criticisms about the lack of rear legroom aren't really too much, because as a city car, it wouldn't necessary need lounging room for four – so, yes, it is that good and we're clutching at straws here.

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