Parkers overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 3.6
  • Lifted design from the new Fiesta
  • Huge improvement since original launch
  • Touchscreen media is easy to use

Before its update in 2017, the EcoSport featured a dashboard lifted from the previous-generation Fiesta, only with fewer appealing plastics. It felt quite low-rent and dated.

However, the facelift includes a complete overhaul of the inside, which now comes with the latest Fiesta’s style of dashboard set-up with a prominent touchscreen infotainment system within easy reach of the driver, a set of clear dials and many plusher feeling materials.

It certainly feels nicer than the SEAT Arona inside when it comes to the material quality, but there are still some harder plastics on the doors and lower down on the centre console. It feels worlds away from the pre-facelift car, and immediately makes the EcoSport a more appealing proposition to potential buyers.

It's packed with equipment, too, all of which is easy to operate thanks to clear controls that fall within easy reach of the driver – the touchscreen infotainment is particularly easy to use.

Your driving position feels very high, even compared with other crossovers, but that’s likely to appeal for those moving to this type of car from a regular small hatchback, for a clearer view of the road and a feeling of security. For us, we’d like to see a bit more adjustment in the seats though, as you do feel a little too high.

  • Comfortable seats
  • Suspension deals well with bumps
  • Big wheels can upset the ride

Despite the good drive, the EcoSport remains a comfortable car to spend time in. The seats on higher-spec models are comfy and supportive for your sides (less so if you have long legs), but going for one of these trims means larger wheels that upset the ride around town.

It’s never too uncomfortable, but cars like the SEAT Arona and Renault Captur do a better job of settling down and avoid becoming upset by imperfections in the road around town.

One thing we really did notice is the noise – or lack of it. The EcoBoost feels incredibly refined on the road, with din from the engine and road noise admirably suppressed, even when reaching towards the rev limiter of the EcoBoost petrols.

On the motorway, however, there’s a lot of wind noise being created around the large door mirrors and windscreen pillars. The front of the EcoSport is still quite bluff, and a fair amount of wind noise is kicked up.