Parkers overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 3.6

The Parkers Verdict

It’s much easier to recommend the EcoSport now Ford has given it a fairly thorough overhaul. Quality has stepped up since production has moved from India to Romania, and with a dashboard design similar to the latest Fiesta it feels more up-to-date inside.

To drive, it rides and handles well overall, but doesn’t entertain like other Ford models. Space inside is good – if not class leading - and the high driving position will appeal to many.

However, with so much fresh competition in a hotly contested area of the market, it manages to still feel a little outdated with awkward looks (it’s better than it was) and some high list prices. It does come with a lot of equipment to make up for this, though, and it’s likely you’ll be able to strike a good deal at your local Ford dealer.

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