This car has been superseded by a newer model, click here to go to the latest Ford Fiesta ST review.

Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy one?

Without a doubt, the ST can represent a cracking buy if it’s a good ‘un. There’s heaps of community support thanks to a number of active and enthusiastic forums and owners clubs. DIY repair and servicing is pretty simple and in most cases if something breaks or goes pop, it shouldn’t break the bank to make good again.

The main pitfall as already mentioned is to avoid badly modified or customised vehicles. If they have been done properly, you can make a nippy bundle of fun into a really smart head turner.

Sadly, many become badly lashed up death traps – consider this point when buying. Find a loved one that’s not been ‘got at’ and you’ll smile every time you flick the key.