Ford Focus ECOnetic: Winter arrives

Cold snap sets in

So far we've managed to escape the freezing temperatures that are normally common by this time in December, but a cold snap has suddenly appeared from nowhere which means an early start sat in a cold and frosty car.

Like the Ford Mondeo that we ran previously, the Focus comes with the Quickclear heated front windscreen, which is made up of very thin heating fillaments in the glass.

It's standard on the Econetic, as well as other Focus models from Zetec equipment grade upwards. This means I can just sit in the car, press a button and watch the frost disappear.

So while I may have to suffer the cold hands on the steering wheel, one thing that I don't have to deal with is the 15 minutes spent scraping ice off the windscreen and using de-icer like the rest of my neighbours.

Although it might add add to the price of a car and cost a little more if it ever needs replacing, it seems strange that more than just a handful of manufacturers haven't attempted to use a similar system because during these freezing temperatures it is possibly the most useful feature of my Focus.

Current mileage: 5125

Average mpg: 53.2