Ford Focus ECOnetic: accessible information

All you need to know

Unlike the Mazda6 that we previously had, the trip computer on the Ford Focus is easy to find and use. By just using the toggle on the indicator stalk you can look through different information easily and it is all pretty useful.

On the trip computer you can have the choice of average mpg, instant mpg, average speed, temperature or the fuel range. These also drop to the top or the bottom of the small screen when you have the sat nav directions on.

The pick of these - and the one I tend to always keep it on - is the fuel range which is good for giving you an accurate measure of how many miles worth of fuel you have left so you can keep an eye on it and don't ever get caught short.

Low fuel warning

On our previous car - the Suzuki Splash - as soon as the fuel warning light came on the trip computer would say that there was no fuel left at all. Despite knowing that this wasn't actually correct, every time I would panic to get to a petrol station, fortunately this doesn't happen on the Focus

The low fuel light comes on with plenty of time to spare. It comes on depending on the average mpg you are getting at that time - so at the moment mine flashes when you still have around 50 miles of fuel left - giving you plenty of time to get to a petrol station.

Current mileage: 7292

Average mpg: 50.3