Ford Focus ECOnetic: Farewell

Time to say goodbye

So it's time for the Focus Econetic to return to Ford HQ. Having had the car for six months it's easy to see why the family hatchback is such a popular car.

First off it's a rewarding drive with excellent handling and good performance for a car that may be seen by some as just an average common car. Another big bonus is the fact it actually looks good with a sleek shape.

However, in my time with the car it is also easy to see why Ford doesn't expect the Econetic models to be a big seller. While it's great that you can get a so-called 'green' car without compromising looks and performance, I'm not really sure the savings add up to be a big deal.

Overall the savings motorists can actually make with these kinds of cars seem minimal as the purchase price will often outweigh the low tax costs and at the same time I've struggled to get anywhere near the high mpg figures published by the manufacturer.

All in all, the Focus has proved itself as a robust and comfortable car that is also enjoyable to drive. But at the same time I've not been overly convinced by the Econetic version, and if pushed would instead go for a cheaper equivalent model in the range.

Current mileage: 8429

Average mpg: 51.6