Ford Focus ECOnetic: Value

Can the Focus keep its value?

With a car losing the majority of its value in the first year, it is always interesting to see how different cars fare when it comes to valuations after our six months with them.

Our Focus Econetic is set to head back to Ford at the end of March and will be well over the 8,000 mile mark. Our car was actually £20,740 thanks to the different cost options and Ford price rises that had taken place just before it arrived

The extras fitted include rear parking sensors, an alarm, 16-inch alloy wheels and the Communications Pack which includes Bluetooth phone connectivity, sat nav and a USB connection for your MP3 player.

According to our valuation buying from a Ford Dealership you could get one for £12,190. Go to an independent dealer and you could expect to spend £11,790. There won't be many around to choose from on the private market, but if you do manage to find one you should be able to get it for £11,195.

While it might be rare that a someone would sell a six month old car with under 10,000 miles on the clock, it's a good indicator that you could save up to £9,000 if you go for a used model compared with buying new.

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Current mileage: 7925

Average mpg: 50.7