Ford Focus ECOnetic: Options

Sat nav and more...

Choosing the extras on a new car is always a difficult decision to make - they can easily push the price up by £1000s. For most models, one of the most expensive options tends to be an integrated satellite navigation.

This is a problem we've had before with the price of the sat nav in the Nissan Qashqai costing £1,300. At the time we decided it was much cheaper to buy your own portable version.

However, in the Focus I think that the Communication Pack is worth the £1,000 premium. It's not just sat nav, but also includes a Bluetooth hands-free system and a USB connector that helps justify the cost.

Simple systems all round

The good news is that these are all simple to use. The Bluetooth connects easily and allows you to search through your phone book, while the USB enables you to browse your whole music library so you can pick from artists, albums or songs.

Finally is the actual sat nav system. Although the screen is quite small, it actually works well and is very clear. As well as the directions on the main screen, they also appear in the instrument cluster, making it easy for the driver to keep an eye on.

Current mileage: 3734

Average mpg: 50.8