Ford Focus ECOnetic: Green arrow

Obeying orders from the Focus

Like most 'eco' models our Focus comes with a gear shift indicator light. This is a little green arrow in the middle of the rev counter that tells the driver the best time to change gear in order to maximise fuel economy.

While I like to think that it is up to me when to change gear, I have quickly become a slave to the green arrow. As soon as it starts blinking, I do as I'm told - even if it does seem to slow me down and hold up other drivers.

However, if taking orders from a small illuminated arrow means I can get the 65.7mpg as promised by Ford then I will be more than happy to continue, as this could save me money in the long run when it comes to fuel bills.

Ford eco calculator

Working out how much money you save on fuel can be a tricky thing to do. As I said before there are plenty of other Eco models to choose from, so to help discover which one will save you the most money Ford has an easy-to-use Eco calculator.

Just put in your average annual mileage, the price of diesel that you're paying and choose the model to compare with and as well as the potential fuel savings, it will tell you any savings when it comes to road tax.

So at an average 10,000 miles a year the Focus should save me £34.96 against the SEAT Leon Ecomotive and £36.22 compared to the Peugeot 308 1.6 HDi 90bhp Blue Lion. It might not sound much but any saving you can make is a must.

Current mileage: 2923

Average mpg: 54.4