Ford Focus ECOnetic: flying start

Focus passes early test

I've only had the Focus for a few weeks but already it has shown why it is such a popular car.

As well as being comfortable and feeling well built and robust, it's also very good to drive. The handling is excellent and the 1.6-litre diesel engine is surprisingly fun to drive. In that short space of time I've already had the chance to put it through its paces.

A few long distance trips to Heathrow airport and Manchester gave me the opportunity to see how the Focus performs on the motorway. But a recent trip from London to Cambridge airport to visit an airshow gave me chance to think about the green side of the ECOnetic.

Focus ECOnetic vs. Vulcan Bomber

We were lucky enough to see the Vulcan Bomber at the airshow. Designed by the same man that designed the Lancaster Bomber, the Vulcan was once the main deterrent against the Soviet Union nuclear threat in the Cold War and played a major role in the Falklands. After £7m worth of restoration and up to £2.5m of yearly running costs, this is the only one still flying. 

At a rough estimate I worked out that the Vulcan has emissions of 13,000g/km of CO2 so it's perhaps not the best for saving you any cash or the planet and doesn't compete well with the Focus, but there are plenty of other choices when it comes to an eco car with low tax costs. 

The new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion comes in at 99g/km of CO2 which means free road tax while the previous version now called Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Technology has emissions of just 107g/km of CO2. The SEAT Leon Ecomotive comes in at just 119g/km, the Peugeot 308 1.6 HDi emits 120g/km and the Mazda3 1.6d TS also comes in at 120g/km - all of which fall under the £35 a year tax bracket.  

Current mileage: 2442

Average mpg: 52.7