Ford Focus ECOnetic: Other opinions

'Green' car questions

My opinion isn't the only one that matters when it comes to the Focus. With more and more manufacturers attempting to get people to opt for the 'green' cars, I thought it was time to find out what other people thought of eco cars in general.

What are your feelings to so called 'green' cars?

Hayley Barrett: I think it's good that the option is out there - if the car looks good, performance is strong and is a similar price to what you are after then it's a worthwhile option definitely.

Tom Short: I think they're absolutely brilliant and just wish that we were where we are now 20 years ago. I'm excited to see where technology will take us next within the automotive industry.

What message do eco cars give off?

HB: Previously the cars were for such a niche market due to the look and performance, but now the market for them is expanding in to well known brands I think it allows the usual car buyer to perhaps purchase and eco friendly car.

TS: Older 'green' cars were very obvious and seemed a lot less aesthetically pleasing than their 'normal engine' counterparts. I think the message is changing rapidly now, instep with the designs and technology. People can see the need and the benefits.

What do you think of people that drive eco cars? 

HB: I think the persona is getting better now thanks to the well known brands getting involved in the eco-friendly thing like the Focus. The best thing is the driving can be healthier on the environment without the driver looking like a hippy.

TS: Historically I think that they gave an impression of the hippy/tree hugger label, and felt that was definitely the media take on it. I don't really think anything about them at all. I wouldn't think any different to someone telling me that they owned or drove a standard car.

What do you think of the Focus?

HB: It's really good that you can get a car that looks and drives like any other Focus, but you are actually attempting to do something with your carbon footprint and help the environment at the same time. My only problem would be the extra price you have to pay for an eco car.

TS: I think that the Econetic - because it is the most recent Focus - looks really really good. If you didn't see the eco badge on the back then you would have no idea that it is the 'green' model.

Current mileage: 6191

Average mpg: 47.4