Ford Focus: The first service looms

  • Ford covers 12,400 miles before the dealer beckons
  • On-board computer indicates it's time for a service
  • Focus continues to be effortless and reliable transport

With a sudden flurry of launches and events in October, my mileage climbed dramatically.

The Focus turned out to be the ideal car for covering this distance, which mostly consisted of travelling back and forth to airports. With cruise control, a 500-mile range, cossetting suspension and comfortable seats, it proved relaxing to drive.

There's a lot to be said for knowing that a good car is waiting for you in an airport car park. There's nothing worse than landing in the dead of night, the rain slowly soaking your clothes, to realise that you've got to climb into something you'd rather not drive. Especially if you've a few hundred miles to go.

Myself? Well, I don't even have to think twice about getting into the Ford. Regardless of how long I have to drive it for, within reason, I rarely feel tired or uncomfortable when I get out at the other end.

On my way back from another trip, as the odometer rolled over from 12,399 to 12,400 miles, a message popped up on the screen. It told me that an engine oil change was due, then promptly disappeared.

Truth be told, I had been expecting this notification. Most cars tend to need a service every 10-15,000 miles. As I was part-way through my trip, and there seemed to be no urgency to the alert, I continued on to my destination. Just in case you forget about it, the message is replayed every time you start the Focus.

As you'd expect, I'll be booking the Ford in for a service at the local dealer as soon as possible. There can't be much that needs doing, so it shouldn't take that long to complete.

I'm quite interested to see what Ford's customer service is like. Personally, I've never heard anything negative about them. The few times I've been in contact with them, the staff were polite and courteous. Expect me to report back in due course, however, when the work has been completed.

The Ford also received a well-deserved wash this week. It had accumulated that typical dull "I've been on the motorway for several thousand miles" grey paint scheme.

Suffice to say, a thorough clean made it look a million dollars again. Well, maybe more like £19,745, but still...

Current mileage: 12,534 miles

Average mpg: 46.2mpg

The Ford gets a well-earned wash after covering thousands of miles