Ford Focus RS Mountune: worth the cash?

  • We test Mountune’s upgraded Ford Focus RS
  • More power and keep your warranty too
  • Bit of a no-brainer at £899 - hard to fault

There’s something about a fast Ford that encourages modification, isn’t there? But what if you want to make with the spanners and keep your warranty?

As with the previous Fiesta ST, tuning specialists Mountune are on hand to extract a bit more power from the Focus RS, while retaining Ford’s three year/60,000 mile warranty.

Sign me up. How much is a Ford Focus Mountune RS upgrade?

In exchange for £899 and a couple of hours’ work, the FPM375 kit will liberate 375hp and 510Nm of torque from your Focus RS. That’s up from 350hp and 470Nm in the standard car.

It includes a high-performance air filter, Mountune-branded crossover duct, uprated recirculation valve and most importantly a re-flashed ECU.

The result? A whole two-tenths shaved off the 0-62mph time (now down to 4.5 seconds), better engine response at lower revs and a sharper throttle.

It also makes quite a different noise when you flatten the accelerator pedal - the turbo is much more noticeable, both in terms of the big gulps of air it takes in and the fluttery, chirrupy noise between gearshifts. It sounds great.


Quite frankly we can’t see a single reason why you wouldn’t add this kit to your Focus RS. The only gripe we have is the new Mountune badge - on the Fiesta ST this was separate and bright yellow, on the Focus it’s integrated into the Ford insignia and nowhere near as easy to see.

But the long and short of it is this – upgrading your Focus to 375hp costs less than a leather seat option on a Golf GTI, and makes your Focus RS faster and even noisier. Seems like a pretty easy sell.

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