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Ford Puma (97-02) - rated 4 out of 5

At a glance

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Used price £1,499 - £1,575
Fuel economy 34 - 67 mpg
Road tax cost £145 - £265
Insurance group 14 - 27

This is no tie-up between a sports fashion brand and a major car manufacturer, but the Ford Puma certainly proved to be a hit with car buyers.

First and foremost, it looks the part. The three-door swoopy coupe certainly catches the eye and it was seen as a break from the norm when it was first launched in 1997.

What’s more, it was relatively cheap to buy compared to other coupes though it was more expensive than the Ford Fiesta it was based on. It’s powered by a 1.7-litre petrol engine that provided a spritely performance because it could cover the 0-60mph sprint in just under eight seconds.