Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Although there is a lack of on-board gadgetry, the uncomplicated dashboard is user friendly and doesn’t look cheaply manufactured, whilst everything you need is within arms reach. The Type-R boasts a superb, fully adjustable, driving position and visibility is generally good, although the large rear spoiler could be a little obstructive when reversing.

The deafening interior engine noise impairs the comfort of the Type-R and it can be unbearable over long distances, so you may need some earplugs. The excessive engine noise is caused by the exclusion of soundproofing in the interior, removed to reduce the overall vehicle weight, and spoils what is a reasonably comfortable coupé. Although there is little room in the rear for adult passengers or teenagers, the Recaro sports seats are very supportive and compensate for the Integra Type-R’s firm suspension.