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Hyundai Ioniq 6 interior, tech and comfort

2022 onwards (change model)
Comfort rating: 4 out of 54.0

Written by Keith Adams Published: 28 April 2023 Updated: 7 July 2023

  • Digital instruments are clear
  • Clever infotainment screens
  • Excellent cabin quality

How is the quality and layout?

Following on from the Ioniq 5, the 6’s interior is packed with easy-to-use tech, finished in light hues and very well built. It doesn’t share that car’s overt modernism or the Tesla Model 3’s minimalist dash layout. There are physical controls for the climate control systems, and although they look a little old hat here, there’s no denying it all works very well indeed.

There are some eye-grabbing details, including a pop-out filing-cabinet glovebox, clever touchscreens controlling most interior functions and translucent door pockets, inspired by the see-through chic of late 1990s iMacs. A nice touch can be found on the steering wheel: four LEDs act as visual indicators for a number of functions – they’re white, but switch to red when you select Sport drive mode or green in Eco. They’re also a useful battery indicator.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 infotainment touchscreen
The infotainment system is well placed and easy to use.

Infotainment and tech

The Ioniq 6’s infotainment system is similar to the Ioniq 5’s, and that means you get a pair of 12.3-inch landscape-format screens, presented as a single, long, unit parked atop a relatively flat dashboard. It’s a delight to use, with a menu layout that’s logical and responsive. It’s compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and all models come with a three-year subscription to Hyundai’s Bluelink live and connected services.

The screens are presented in a more traditional-looking shroud than the 5’s, so it doesn’t look as achingly cool as that car, though. The driver’s instrument display is a little limited in terms of variety of the different ‘themes’ and layout settings for the screen — unlike, say, the Audi Virtual Cockpit system. The Ioniq 6’s screens basically all look the same, aside from some slightly different shading and shapes.


  • Well-shaped driver’s seat
  • Automatic seat heating and cooling available
  • Rear-seat passengers are well looked after

The Ioniq 6’s driving position is good. Forward visibility is excellent, the seats are supportive and in the Ultimate model, seat cooling is automatic, and activates when the interior gets too warm. There’s ample adjustment, too, meaning that drivers of all shapes and sizes will find little problem finding the perfect seating position, which helps contribute to the 6’s excellent long-distance comfort.

There’s oodles of legroom and comfort for five, and that’s largely down to the flat floor. Heated rear seats, and an electrically-adjustable front passenger seat (from the rear), are also available. Rear-seat passengers get a pair of USB sockets, some air vents and a domestic three-pin socket as well.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 rear passenger compartment
Rear legroom is generous, headroom less so.