Hyundai ix35: soft-roader

Comfy cruiser

With the miles already starting to pile on to the ix35 - a 150mile round trip for work definitely helps here - I've had plenty of time to see how the Hyundai handles and performs on my daily commute. The conclusion that I have come to is that the iX35 seems to have been made for pure comfort. In fact the term soft-roader has been around since the original Toyota Rav4 appeared way back in 1994 and this is the best way to describe the ix35 as its seems at home on the A1(M).

The leather seats are soft but offer excellent support - although other members of the Parkers team have struggled with the lack of lower back support - the steering is nice and light at low speeds, brilliant when you are parking the iX35 in town. Venture out of the urban jungle and the steering weights up as you get up to the national speed limit.

Unfortunately, get to the twisty bits and it's not quite as engaging to drive as something like the Skoda Yeti and there is a little body roll, although this is the price you pay for good visiblity and a raised driving position. However, the ride is composed and the miles pass by without too many compromises in comfort.

On the performance front, it's easy to see why the 2.0-litre diesel version is so popular. While our 1.7-litre option performs admirably and will happily cruise along at motorway speeds, it does seem to lack that little bit of oomph needed when overtaking slower traffic.With all that said, overall the iX35 is a great companion for my 150 mile daily commute.

Current mileage: 1307

Average mpg: 39.2