Hyundai ix35: departs

Our time with the ix35 comes to an end

Six months with Hyundai's crossover has come to an end and in its time with the Parkers team the ix35 has been an excellent team player. The keys have made there way around the office on plenty of occasions, and on the most part it has got positive reviews when it's come back to me. This really is the car that shows that South Korean manufacturers aren't just about value anymore.

Inside the car is the biggest area in which Hyundai has started to catch-up with the major European rivals, while the standard kit on offer in that improved cabin outshines the big brands. It was always a comfortable place to be and belies the cost of the car. Ok, so there is still the odd bit of shiny and scratchy looking plastics, but these are minimal. Kit is substantial, a real bonus was the heated seats - including rear heated seats - these were ideal for one of the coldest January's on record.

The 1.7-litre engine was more than adequate. It was a little noisy on start-up but pulled well and didn't leave you panicking when moving off from junctions or roundabouts. It was a little lacklustre when trying to overtake, but nothing that dropping down a gear wouldn't solve. There was a bit of body roll and the ride was built for comfort rather than performance, but this meant my lengthy commute was always fairly calm.

Overall, what is so good about cars like the ix35 is that you get all the room and practicality you need but without having a car so big that it starts to get daunting when you have to park or find yourself driving along narrow country roads. In fact I managed to pack in all my camping gear for a weekend away, but it is shorter than the Mazda3 long termer we had previously.

So off goes the ix35, it's been an excellent car throughout its six months. I'd be more than happy to recommend it to anyone, especially given the fact you get a five year warranty and at £20,880 you're getting a lot of car for your money. It's a real bargain car that feels classier than the entry price would suggest.

Current mileage: 10,024

Average mpg: 41.36