Hyundai ix35: team thoughts

The team opinion

As my time with the ix35 comes to an end, it's worth mentioning that I'm not only one that spent time in the car. Over the past six months the keys have been handed around the office on plenty of occasions, and while I've been impressed there are some different issues felt in the team. Here's what the rest of the Parkers office thought about the car...

Lewis Kingston, consumer reporter

"It'd been some time since I'd driven a Korean 4x4 and, based on previous experience, I was expecting a serviceable but cheap-feeling and uninspiring car. Much to my surprise the ix35 turned out to be solidly built, well equipped, relatively comfortable and good to drive. It won't break the bank, either."

Simon McBride, Road test editor

"My time spent in the ix35 was very enjoyable apart from one thing...

"First the positives. The 113bhp 1.7 CRDi diesel engine had more than enough oomph to complete overtaking manoeuvres with ease, while there was little road, wind or tyre noise and the cabin was well insulated. 

"So what was that one minus point? Up-front the seats were not as comfy as I would want. The side supports were okay but the bolstering for your lower back was minimal and made long journeys hard work. Overall the ix35 is a good car - if only the front seats were better, then it would be a cracker."

Tim Bowdler, Deputy Editor

"There's plenty of good competition in this class: the Mitsubishi ASX, the KIA Sportage, and I think the Hyundai is pretty much at the top. It's not quite as good to drive as the ASX but it's roomier and the interior is better. The acid test for a good car is whether you start to enjoy driving it as time goes on or whether you start hating it. I know I looked forward to driving it more towards the end of the long- term test than at the beginning. That tells me I would have no problem recommending it to a potential buyer."

Gareth Evans, News reporter

"My first impression of the ix35 was: it's bouncy. Not just a little bit either. It almost felt like I was piloting a blimp. The steering is incredibly light too, but you can't argue with the level of kit. The Koreans seem to be miles ahead of the competition in the value-for-money race."

Current mileage: 9,248

Average mpg: 40.69