Hyundai ix35: business time

Can the crossover cut it as a company car?

As businesses and company car drivers look to tighten their purse strings, bragging rights is no longer the sole reason for choosing your company car. Instead of showing off by having the latest premium saloon, affordability and fitting in to your lifestyle seems to have taken precedence when scouring the list of options.

This is where the new breed of 4x4s comes in. There's the Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Yeti, Kia Sportage, plus our own ix35. These models cover the ever-changing needs of drivers, plus if you go for one of the South Korean options you will get plenty of kit as standard that you'd otherwise pay big for.

Another bonus is that you can pick something different to the norm and avoid being tarred with the business exec brush. Every golf course car park is packed with Audi A4s and BMW 3-Series, surely it's worth trying something a little out of the ordinary. However, while the ix35 may offer something different with decent kit, what about the price?

Our ix35 has a P11D value of £20,715 so will cost the 20% tax payer £65.58 a month, while a 40% tax payer will be hit by a monthly price of £131.17. Compare that to a BMW 318d SE. The P11D is a pricier £26,625, but monthly tax at 20% is £57.69 and at 40% is £115.38. So as a standard model the 3-Series is cheaper, but spec it to the same level of the ix35 and this price soon rises to £32,735 for the P11d value. This makes the 20% tax payer cost shoot up to £70.93 and a 40% price of £141.85 a month.

That's a big difference in price once you load the BMW with the kind of goodies found in our ix35. Just one more thing, while on the way to work recently I spotted an ix35 with a blazer hanging up in the back, surely a sign that company car drivers are expanding their horizons.

Current mileage: 3,236

Average mpg: 40.6